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User Info: Saintdaniel

9 years ago#1
Just a few things I think might happen:

I think that the Dual Gun Guy and the Katana Guy will argue a lot
I think that the Single Gun Girl will be considered either very low tier or very high tier
I think the Long Sword Girl might actually be a black mage with a sword
I think the Mace Girl will be the token white mage
I think there will be yaoi as far as the eye can see of the Bow & Arrow Guy and the Lance/Spear Guy
I think that, while being the main character, the Card Guy will have the least personality and be the least interesting
I think the Scythe Girl and the Whip Girl will be best friends (they seem quite similar)
I don't have anything to say about Flute Girl and Weaponless Guy

Predictions of your own?
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User Info: TheKonspiracy

9 years ago#2

I think the dual gun guy will have alot of wisdom and often help other characters with their problems.

I think the spear guy has a temper problem and gets into alot of fights.

I think the glasses girls will be the one with the brains, and will be part of some kind of student council.

I think mace girl will be the do first, think later type.

I think that the shotgun girl will be a whiny brat.

I think archer guy is the son of some kind of politician on a member of a noble family.

I think the flute girl will be the quiet one, and usually ignored by the rest.

I think the card guy will be the protective one, always looking out for other and not for himself.

I think weaponless guy, will be like the little brother to the other characters, and will eventually feel weaker and get angry

I think Scythe girls will be very straight forward, and won't mess around.

I think whip-sword girl will be laid back and always keep an eye out for Scythe girl.

I think the sword guy will be best friends with spear guy and have a completely opposite personality.

User Info: Hylian7

9 years ago#3
I don't really have any predictions but these ones are good!
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User Info: RurouniSaiyajin

9 years ago#4

Prediction #1 - The Archer will be awesome

Prediction #2 - Same as above but replace the Archer with the Scythe Girl

Prediction #3 - There will at least one mention of the events in FF XIII or Versus XIII in this game to tie them in

Prediction #4 - There will be many cool side quests just for co-op

Prediction #5 - The ultimate weapons for each class shall be awesome *hoping for a bow that uses laser arrows for ammunition for the Archer's ultimate ^,^ *

User Info: Guruda

9 years ago#5
Wasn't there an interview or something where an offhand comment was to consider Sword Girl to be the equivalent of a class president? I can easily buy that. I'm also betting she has a bit of White Magic for the Paladin angle.*

Scythe-girl? Dark Knight with Black Magic all the way. I'm also betting she's the closest thing the group has to a loner and that she turns out to be one of the more powerful characters.

Gun Boy? Attitude problem but at the same time he'll be awesome.

Mace Girl as White Mage with some physical skills thrown in seems reasonable. I'm guessing she's going be a bit more physically active than the stereotypical WM. Her appearance screams attitude and look at her short-cut top...

Card Boy and Gun Girl... haven't a clue really.

For Flute Girl I'm thinking a mix of Lulu-style physical combat (except with Moogles/Chocobos/whatever instead of dolls) and support spells (Time Magic and what used to be part of White Magic but became Green Magic for whatever reason). If they go for character-specific summons I bet she winds up with one of the more powerful ones. Squeenix, if you're listening I'd really like some Alexander love in Agito.

I also predict that I'm going to slowly go insane waiting for this game to come out since there's so much potential for awesomeness here.

I think there will be yaoi as far as the eye can see of the Bow & Arrow Guy and the Lance/Spear Guy

As long as they throw in complimentary yuri action between any pair of the females I'm fine with this.*

* This gives me the opportunity to comment on something. If every character has a unique summon Agito will sort of be like a Final Fantasy crossover with Mai-Hime and a bit of Revolutionary Girl Utena. I wholeheartedly approve of this concept, especially if we get the attending yuri action. :-D

User Info: Saintdaniel

9 years ago#6
Another one: I think that the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilement will be the biggest FF since VII
hee hee hee...
*Spins head around 360 degrees and lives...*

User Info: Edmond Tan

Edmond Tan
9 years ago#7
I think the flute girl will have the most #34.

Of course, I mean for this game only.
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User Info: Guruda

9 years ago#8
It disturbs me that I knew what that meant without having to look it up. Can't disagree with you though, it probably will be her with close runners-up in Mace and Whipsword Girls.

User Info: ninja_where

9 years ago#9

Dual Gun man will probably be the silent and loner type

Archer will be the quiet pretty boy type

Gun girl will probably be the tomboy type

Flute girl will probably be the caring, gentle, and kind type who looks out for others

Sword and Glasses girl will be the prudent and strict well as the one who has brains

Snake-sword girl will probably be the laid-back girl who doesn't give a damn on what's happening

Katana boy will probably be the joker of the group

Martial Arts boy will probably be the hard-working and following type

Lance boy will probably be the one who thinks before acting and the mystery boy of the group with some past

Scythe girl will be like dual gun guy

Mace girl will probably be the competitive type

And of course...Aggie aka Cards aka Card boy will probably the loser of the group.

User Info: theleadingman08

9 years ago#10
I think the flute girl will have the most #34.

Sorry, that went right over my head. Translation?
"I play the leading man, who else?" -Balthier, FFXII

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