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User Info: Ragiroth

3 years ago#141
SkyBladeCloud posted...
Well, I'm sorry if my jokes got anyone worried, but the truth is, a C&D can't happen. You guys talk too much about it and I think you may be a little relieved knowing the following:

-Spanish laws apply: A C&D is simply not contemplated in Spain. That "THING" you call C&D does NOT exist here. So if I received something similar, it could be perfectly fine to ignore it. In fact, It can be considered company harassment. I've lived in the US enough time to sympathize with your concerns, but again, a C&D can't happen.

-Spain is kind of the "Internet Outlaw", meaning that copyright infringement is not really enforced here, at least as much as in the US: Actually anyone can download WHATEVER he/she wants. Now, what's actually enforced is making a business out of copyrighted material that one does not own. Then again this is not our case. This actually makes Spain of of the most expensive countries in the world to buy digital content.

-It seems to me that project's fans think this is "yet another FAN translation" project, okay, we are all final fantasy fans in the project. However, we have more than enough professional potential inside, including:

*Professional legal advice.
*Translators studying (or already majored in) Japanese philology.
*Professional computer science developer.
*Valuable Art skills in many of our members.

-After working on more than 15 perfectly finished translation projects (most of them into Spanish), some of them of other Square Enix tiles (The 3rd Birthday, FFI, FFIV, Valkyrie Profile and many others), I'm pretty sure I know when a project is in danger.

-Again, I'm sorry if my jokes made someone worried, but all I could see in this board were nonsense so I decided I wanted to have fun too :P.

-Lastly, don't expect any further reply from me in this board, I already found it boring and I did here all I wanted to do, I'm sorry but the time I spend here can be used for better things. Feel free to post your queries in GBATemp, where I'll be glad to answer them ;).



There's no need to apologize, I just can't really keep track of who's who and who's telling the truth or not sometimes, and I again I've never really followed an unofficial fan translation before.

And of course you're having fun Peke, because you're a troll and that's all you really do, and mods don't ever moderate people like you. They only moderate the people that fight back and post actually useful things that may just happen to not be 100% legal.

User Info: AnonUnknown

3 years ago#142
LOOOL? They warned hyro56 and TrumPeker is still around...

User Info: Peke_kun

3 years ago#143
Maybe he shouldn't have violated the ToS then. It's not hard to follow the rules.
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User Info: PainsPerception

3 years ago#144
SkyBladeCloud posted...
PainsPerception posted...
Trumpeter039 posted...
It'd almost be worth it just to see Sky get really really mad.

But I won't do it because I promised my friend that I wouldn't.

I'd be more worried about the other couple hundred thousand people around the world eagerly and patiently waiting for him to do his thing.

Besides, he can't make me mad doing that anyway.
Being serious, there is nothing to worry about, with you onboard now the team has track of all betas again, so we know there isn't any in the wrong hands ;)


Oh yeah, I beat the game already and lent my psp to my cousin.

I jest
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(message deleted)

User Info: Peke_kun

3 years ago#146
If I can follow the rules here I think you can. It's not hard.
Is anyone alive out there?

User Info: Shogain

3 years ago#147
Just one such incident of many, I could find you others if I cared enough to.

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User Info: ThePonyCollie

3 years ago#148
Is the patch happening or not? I couldn't keep track of all the posts here.

User Info: AnonUnknown

3 years ago#149
ThePonyCollie posted...
Is the patch happening or not? I couldn't keep track of all the posts here.

Yes, it's happening. Ignore this thread from now on, let it rot in hell.

User Info: Trumpeter039

3 years ago#150
Nope. It was cancelled.
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