Ending Dialogue Translation *spoilers galore*

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User Info: Sumwheat

6 years ago#1
I decided to Make a new Thread so people don't have to click pages to find it
I was clicking stuff in my game and it said I unlocked the movie gallery so I decided to translate the ending since its a very
...WHAT?! kind of Ending XD
Tho in the movie log you cant pause so I had to record it on my phone
Listen, pause, translate, repeat
so took a bit

This is the dialogue right after you beat the last boss and you go into the light and that takes you to "The Beginning(Time Zero)"

Just to clarify
::NAME:: is who is saying what
*ACTION* is whats going on on the screen, something to know whats happing/checkpoints so you know when what is being said

_________PART ONE_________
DEC 24, 2010 13:00 Overdive-Past-
Waiting for them to come out, BS about Cray saying hes gonna take the bouquet and Gabriel's says Aya's made a promise to give it to her
::Eve:: Congratulations sis.
*inside church*
*Police come in and start shooting*
*Aya is shot and starts glowing*
*Eve glows too*

::Eve:: Sis!
*Police stand over Aya**she takes them all out*
*looks over at Eve who falls over*

::Aya:: I'm Aya....no...Who am I?

::Hyde:: So time has repeated itself...
Eve, our mother, return to your original body,
*enter Hyde, Eve back in her body*

::Hyde:: In order to overcome the wall of time in you.

::Eve:: I'm...Eve?

::Hyde:: yes, you are Eve Brea.
At The Beginning(Time Zero) you dived into Aya Brea and lost your memories.
*Flashback of Aya getting shot*
*Eve stands*

::Eve:: Aya fell, and I wanted to protect her....
And someone started getting close and...its all I could think about...

::Hyde:: At that moment is when Overdive was born,
Your hearts collided and Aya Brea's soul(heart) broke.

::Eve:: That's a lie!
*Aya crawling and grabs gun on floor**points at Eve*
*Turns and shoots one of the soldiers*
*Aya gets shot**eve starts to glow glows*

::Hyde:: It was a lie that Aya shot you.
You're the one who broke Aya's soul(heart.)
This is the truth of the beginning(time zero.)
*End flashback*

::Hyde:: Aya Brea's Awakened soul(heart) scattered across time, giving birth to a cursed being.
That is the Twisted.

Braking from the recoil, your body's memories fertilized a life, us, the High-Ones.
Eve and Aya, 2 species were born from 2 separate mothers, making that point The Beginning(Time Zero.)

::Eve:: Its all..my fault..

::Hyde:: Time has been repeated. But there is no reason to be sad.
This is where the cycle of time will change.

Soon your body will Break down, and turn them into High-Ones again.
*Gabriele/Cray/Emily banging on door, telling Aya to open and reply to them*

::Eve:: Everyone?

::Hyde:: Your heart has returned to where it should be.
Eve...take me over before your body Breaks down.
You will escape destruction and face a new birth.
That is the reason why I came here.
In order to give my body to my mother.

As an evolved existence, the reborn you and your yet to be seen descendants will surely win the war against the Twisted
I will watch over the new future from quietly inside of you

::Eve:: What about all the people I love..?

::Hyde:: PEOPLE?
Humans are nothing more than a step in our evolution!

::Eve:: Noo!

::Hyde:: I wont let you get away.
If you refuse, then become a part of me!
*hyde glows and raises his arm*
Shall we see....the same dream together?!

*hyde gets shot*

User Info: Sumwheat

6 years ago#2
::Aya:: Wanna take you hands off my sister?

::Eve:: Sis!

::Hyde:: Why?! Aya Brea's heart is....!

::Aya:: Its been broken for a long time!
*Shoots Hyde 3 times*

::Aya:: Have a nice dream..
*Shoots hyde one more time*
*Aya turns around to Eve*

::Aya:: I'll leave this with you, along with the future
*Holds out gun*

::Eve:: I..killed..

::Aya:: listen ok? Aim here.
*points to chest*

::Aya:: Hurry!

::Eve:: I can't do that!
there no way I could!

::Aya:: Don't be selfish!

::Eve:: Don't leave me alone..

*Aya looks over to kyle who's on the floor*
::Aya:: ..I couldn't give my vows to kyle...

::Eve:: I wanted to be like you..
Your always so strong and nice
I don't want this sis..
*the 2 hug and Eve starts to glow*

::Aya:: Eve...you will end all this
*2 jump out of bodies and switch*

*Shoot Aya in Eve's body*

_________PART TWO_________

::Kyle's Voice:: Can you hear me? My crybaby wife?

::Aya:: Kyle!
*runs over to his body*

::Kyle's Voice:: Do you remember? The words to exchange rings...and our wish?

::Aya:: That we....will promise to love each other for all of forever...

::Kyle's Voice:: That's right. Aya, you have to belive in forever.
Overcome death, disappear and even the wall of time, we will meet again.
Until then, I want you to take that vow....and hold it dearly in your heart.

*Kyle moves his head and opens his eyes*

::Kyle:: Merry Christmas
*Aya cries and rests her head on Kyle and begins to glow*

::Aya's voice:: What brought you to this point was the feelings of believing in tomorrow...

::Eve in Aya:: Sis!

::Aya's voice:: Continue moving forward with a smile.I'll always be watching over you.
Though I might not be much help.

*Eve giggles*

*Screen goes White*
*Back in church*

::Eve(in Aya)'s Voice:: A world without her, is the world she wished for.

*Kyle and Aya standing at the alter facing each other*

::Priest:: Do you take Kyle Madigan to be your lawfully wedded husband,have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health until death do you part?

*screen goes black*
::Eve/Aya:: I do.

--December 24th, 2010 13:04:59--
*Aya/Eve and Kyle at alter still facing the priest, Kyle turns to face her*

::Kyle:: Your fine the way you are. Eve.

*Eve gasps*
*Kyle takes her hand and slips ring on*

::Kyle:: I want you to live in your future. I'll be watching over you. Together with Aya.
*shows ring on his hand*
I want to see Aya's smile one more time.

::Eve:: Kyle..

*Eve smiles*

::Kyle:: I'm going on a journey to find forever.
*walks down stairs and turns around*

::Kyle:: Eve.. Happy birthday

*Eve smiles*
*Black screen, Credits roll*

I pray there is a special ending XD
until then just gotta keep killing Twisted and hope

User Info: Mister_Zurkon

6 years ago#3
That's Creepy. He marries her anyway. And he's a ghost?
I prefer Genaro's. But what do I know? I'm a bear. I suck the heads off fish! - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

User Info: Mister_Zurkon

6 years ago#4
I also don't get how it's her 3rd Birthday?

She was born in 2, then reborn in 3...

But when when was the 1st, or is Aya the first?
I prefer Genaro's. But what do I know? I'm a bear. I suck the heads off fish! - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

User Info: Sumwheat

6 years ago#5
Im guessing its just a momento
and Im not sure what he is
It says it takes place 5mins after part 1 started, and they arent bloody, no one is lying dead around them, so something that really add questions

User Info: Sumwheat

6 years ago#6
ya not sure, but I like to think its
1)She was born in 2
2)Became a new person after meeting Aya
3)Became Aya

User Info: Mister_Zurkon

6 years ago#7
Does it ever explain how Kyle knows all this stuff and can teleport and fend of the Twisted?

Was he a ghost all along?
I prefer Genaro's. But what do I know? I'm a bear. I suck the heads off fish! - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

User Info: Mister_Zurkon

6 years ago#8
Sorry, I think this ending has given me dementia.
I prefer Genaro's. But what do I know? I'm a bear. I suck the heads off fish! - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

User Info: Sumwheat

6 years ago#9
Im gonna go with those people were turned into High-Ones by Eve

Thats why it was thought at first that Aya shooting her was to stop her power from releasing

Kyle, Hyde, Cray, Gabriel, Emily were all at the wedding(Hyde was inside sitting, while the other 3 were outside waiting) and all of them were turned into High-Ones, so they got abilities, some were completely take over

User Info: Aiddon

6 years ago#10
this makes no sense
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