Guess we can discard at the moment PE 3 for PSVita...

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User Info: PaladinCecil

5 years ago#11
SoraandRoxasFan posted...

*facepalm* Do you really think I don't want a PE3? I don't defend this game's fanservice, in fact I was pissed off when I saw them focusing in all that stuff about clothes instead of gameplay and story, what I'm telling you is that this game's story never happened because everything you see in this game is a product of Eve's mind, a dream, she has been kidnapped by Kyle and Aya will have to rescue her.

Of course they have sexualised Aya, but it was also due to some people who asked them to make the shower scene.(what's funny is that Tabata said they were embarrased after adding it to the game)


I'm not saying you don't want a Parasite Eve 3, sorry if I gave that impression. But I am saying that from what I can tell, you want Squeenix to keep 3rd Birthday around as part of the Parasite Eve franchise as a part of its telling, which is the exact opposite of what I want. If that's not the case then please correct me.

The only situation I can see where I might be at all okay with 3rd Birthday having happened in any manner is if the next game did it as a meta thing where they intentionally bash what 3rd Birthday did to Aya and the franchise. Otherwise, 3rd Birthday should be cut out completely.

And I don't know where you got the supposed statement from Tabata, but if he actually said it, I guarantee he is lying. He lied when he said the clothes ripping off mechanic was meant to be realistic rather than sexy, as we saw blatantly when he followed it up with a slew of fetish outfits (complete with dialogue to fit the fetish outfits coming out of "Aya's" mouth over in Japan) and having her show as much skin as possible.

There is no way in Hell that Tabata, Toriyama or anyone else that eagerly worked on the game felt in any way embarrassed or ashamed of what they were doing. If they had, Aya would've been treated like the strong, smart, duty-bound mature woman she is, not the pathetic sex doll they wanted to turn her into.

Tabata even said that the staff behind the game explicitly said they were making the shower scene even if it never made it in the game. That right there says everything that needs to be said. The team was a bunch of horny otaku trying to come as close as they could to turning their hentai fangame ideas into canon.

And Squeenix supported them the whole way, any horny wet dreams they had to deliver, because the company itself is built on selfish disgusting greed no matter what it takes to get that precious money.
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User Info: Zed7777ZR1

5 years ago#12
can we get this game on PS3 already goddammit ...?

User Info: SoraandRoxasFan

5 years ago#13
@Zed7777ZR: I guess they won't start PE3's development until they have finished LR and FF XIV...

@ PaladinCecil: I doubt they will retcon T3B just for the fanservice. What they would do is to avoid including a shower scene and the clothes-ripping mechanic. They will retcon it only because of the game's ending.

User Info: Jonathan_F_G

5 years ago#14
PaladinCecil posted...
I check here every so often to keep an eye on Squeenix's actions concerning Aya Brea.

This is good news to me. Toriyama and Tabata utterly ruined Aya and Parasite Eve, and I don't want to see either of them anywhere near the character or franchise ever again.

I want a Parasite Eve 3 that treats Aya with the respect she deserves and makes 3rd Birthday completely noncanon. However, frankly I think my initial reaction to an announcement of any Aya or PE game would be hostile and angry, because I have absolutely no faith in Squeenix anymore. This game demolished the last good will I had toward them, and any stupid, lingering beliefs I once had that anyone at the company cares about quality in any way beyond whatever it takes to sell product.

3rd Birthday should never have been made. It was a disgraceful and insulting entry and end to what was an awesome female protagonist, but at least if it ends here, the character might retain some semblance of respectability.

And I still think Toriyama intentionally ruined Aya to keep her from being a "rival" of Lightning for spot of most memorable strong female protagonist at Squeenix. Because that's the behavior of a hack, and Toriyama is most definitely a hack.

Wonderful thought.

Unfortunately I only played PEs 1 and 2 so I can't comment on The 3rd Birthday. And yet, I've been a loving fan of everything Parasite Eve and Aya Brea since the 1998 original.

My friend like me, is also a loving fan of the PE series except he actually played The 3rd Birthday. And he says that game should never of happened. I'm sure it is a great game. But it can't be a great Parasite Eve game.

My sentiments exactly for the Front Mission series as well. I love FM too. And I say Double Helix needs to stay as far away as possible from anything Front Mission. And Square should just have the franchise go back to its roots.
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User Info: BiTronic

5 years ago#15
Isn't 3rd Birthday non-canon already? I remember seeing some video interview with Tabata saying that T3B is its own continuity, even if it continues loosely from the PE2 storyline.

User Info: SoraandRoxasFan

5 years ago#16
BiTronic posted...
Isn't 3rd Birthday non-canon already? I remember seeing some video interview with Tabata saying that T3B is its own continuity, even if it continues loosely from the PE2 storyline.

Yeah, it is non-canon. We found last summer a translator in order to translate some pages from The 3rd Birthday Insider which explained the story and it looks like this game gives hints about PE3's plot despite it's a spin-off, since most of the story makes sense but there's a detail which doesn't fit with the rest of the story.

Btw, where did you watch that video? Is it from last year or from 2010?

User Info: FaDRain

5 years ago#17
As much as I disliked The 3rd Birthday for what it did to Aya (good game though) I have hope even if it stays canon (I don't think it is canon, pretty sure I read an article or an interview that said it wasn't)...the thing is, when dimensions and time travel come into it, writers can pull anything out of thin air to explain things.

User Info: ninjainthetrees

5 years ago#18
This game can almost be considered a side story- or spin off. the entire set up of the game opens the possiblity that none of it ever happened so; parasit eve 3 can reset the timeline back to the end of eve 2 and have third birthday as an alternate time line where all this crazy stuff with the TWisted occured - that is the beauty of the 3rd Birthdays convoluted plot- in that it involves timetravel and alternate timelines - which dont have to be canon in the parasite eve universe.

BY the way - I LOVE THIS GAME and consider it a masterpeice of atmosphere and design. The only reason it gets a hard time is becasue its a japanes game on the PSP; both these things are negatives for most people - remember the PSP was like a GHOST in the console market - no one even cared that it existed; everyone was pre-occupied with Xbox 360 and PS3 and nintendo DS. None of my gamer friends cared about PSP at all. But thats why its so tragic because the PSP became a PHANTOM console with some exquisite games like this one that went ignored by the masses.
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