I am missing something?

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User Info: FaDRain

4 years ago#1
Seen a few posts talking about PE3, yet when I googled Parasit Eve future a few days ago out of a feeling of nostalgia and hope a few days ago all I came up with was an interview from a while back about the guy wanting to do another PE but having to do FF's instead.

Is it expected or is it just hopeful words?

User Info: mugenkb1

4 years ago#2
It would be awesome if it was true. But I wouldn't get my hopes up. Honestly, I have given up on SQEX even rectifying the crap they pulled with T3B.

User Info: SoraandRoxasFan

4 years ago#3
According to Andriasang what he meant is that he would be required to work on something else at the same time (he was referring to Type-0 subseries)

Since they are so busy with LR and FF XIV it looks like they won't start real development until they finish those games *Sigh*
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  3. I am missing something?

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