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User Info: Moeman_

4 years ago#21
I still maintain that Aya should've gotten the dress she wore to the opera instead of that horrible Maid's Uniform. Like, for me, all the rest of her outfits are forgivable.

- Black Leather and White Eider are her two main outfits for T3B.
- I can see Aya wearing something like the Business Suit to an official CTI meeting.
- Most games that deal with costumes have some sort of Swimwear.
- The Cheongsam is actually really pretty, I think.
- Santa Soldier is forgivable because it's meant to be an Easter egg--remember that T3B came out around Christmas in Japan.
- The Overdive Suit looks badass, as does the Knight Armor.
- And the Lightning Custom is just another Easter egg, though I think this one is really awesome.

Maid's Uniform? Aya would never wear that. It's not practical for her to wear it in any situation except a Halloween party. And T3B didn't come out around Halloween, so it doesn't have a real-life excuse. It's just there as fetish material for the neckbeards to drool over. "KAWAII MEIDO-CHAN AYA-SAN! SUGEEEEEEEEEE".


EDIT: Forgot Titanium Bunny. That's another one verging on just base fetish material, and if it were up to me, it'd be replaced with her desert costume from PEII. I think if you removed the "bunny" elements of Titanium Bunny, though, it'd actually look kinda cool.
She lives. You just can't keep a good Moon Princess down.

User Info: kyushudanji

4 years ago#22
It is a shame that the English version of the game uses the same voices for each costume. In the Japanese version, Aya has different expressions and sounds for each costume, which is incentive to unlock each one. I always laugh when she "Ho, ho, HO!"s for each dodge in the Santa outfit. Even more humorous is one of her commands during Crossfire: "Merry Christmas!" Now that is classic Aya.
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