Aya's Costumes (With pictures...and possibly spoilers mentioned)

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User Info: AWM100

4 years ago#1
I have been working on a projects for a couple of weeks. I worked on a series of renderings of costumes for Aya while finishing up T3B on insane, Low-level running FFVI, and working way too much at my cruddy job.

In this topic, I want to show off a series of pictures and a story about my feelings on Aya's wardrobe and her as a whole. Here's a series of links you can follow to view this content. I hope you guys like it!

* The first link explains everything:


* The next 13 show the same pictures, but individually and in full size:


* The last one is a Wallpaperish display of all the costumes:


Again, enjoy. :) Oh, and discuss! :D
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User Info: Moeman_

4 years ago#2
This is pretty decent. I like the outfit combining the opera dress with the cheongsam. Very interesting ideas.

I always would've thought to just straight-up replace the maid's uniform with her desert gear from Parasite Eve II, and the titanium bunny girl outfit with her opera dress. I liked the other ones as they were, more or less, or had no feelings on them.
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User Info: kyushudanji

4 years ago#3
Very nice! Is it too late to go to E3 and show Nomura what to include for PE3/T4B?

Your Aya looks very similar to the one in the comic (Asuka comics DX, not any fan fiction). I would post the link but it is a few lines long. Just google "parasite eve comics". The third result should be a link to amazon.jp.
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  3. Aya's Costumes (With pictures...and possibly spoilers mentioned)

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