Aya's blue eyes

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User Info: ohthatpal

4 years ago#12
I spent the whole 3rd Birthday waiting for a twist about Aya not being Aya because of her eyes!
Kinda like that Schwarzenegger movie where he's in some accident or something and they think he's dead so they clone him and the clone had a tiny defect in his eye. I forgot the name of that movie.

Anyway, this game was terribly disappointing. It's funny though, if you had changed Aya's, Eve's and Maeda's names, you could make a pretty good game.
"Grand Nirvana"

User Info: ohthatpal

4 years ago#13
And what's up with Maeda in this game? He was pretty awkward in PE1, yeah, but never creepy, just really really awkward. In this game I feel like he's gonna slip Aya a roofie and rape her. And Square Enix would let you see that in DLC.
"Tell me what the rain knows..."

User Info: SSj7CloudS

4 years ago#14
MyEvilTwin7 posted...
Yeah, I think we've talked about how the plot of this game makes no sense enough. We've finally started talking about Aya's eyes.

I see no problems here, at least the topic is far more pleasant than the previous one.
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User Info: MasterChief646

4 years ago#15
Maeda also didn't give you useless charms too, Square really f**** up with this game, hell not even special poison bullets for the magnum like in PE2 with "Maeda Rounds" when the army arrives and if you gave Flint the teddybear earlier the black guy gives you some ammo or a lipstick, i dont remember
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User Info: hugaddict

4 years ago#16
Holy smokes, you actually look at girl's eyes?
Sing Me Soft Kitty

User Info: Brocken_Jr

4 years ago#17
hugaddict posted...
Holy smokes, you actually look at girl's eyes?

holy smokes, you actually look at girls clothes?
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