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User Info: reborn_Xtreme

8 years ago#1
Why everyone or anyone don't open this board it's a waste you know, leaving this game's board like forgotten. That's why I made this board to the extreme. Tsuna's X-Burner or Yamamoto's Shigure Souen Ryuu, and of course, Ryohei's Maximum Canon. Also, Vongola Primo's attacks. And, and! Chrome can change into Rokudo Mukuro. These are cool combinations! I suggest everyone should buy this game.

User Info: reborn_Xtreme

8 years ago#2
Thus, Lal Mirch is pretty much useless. She can only fires her shotgun, but she's kinda annoying. She combines her middle attack that will tie you and you can't move, then she uses box attack. I hate her combination if she's my opponent. And I even don't like if I control her.

User Info: reborn_Xtreme

8 years ago#3
My favorite character here is Tsuna, Hibari, Xanxus, Rokudo Mukuro. And my super-hyper-mega-ultimate favorite character is.............................................the answer is Primo!

User Info: reborn_Xtreme

8 years ago#4
EXTREME!!! That's mine & Ryohei's motto!

User Info: reborn_Xtreme

8 years ago#5
I'm right, am I? No one opens this game's board except me.

User Info: DN69

8 years ago#6
i'm here, don't have the game though I play the Wii version on my friend's sometimes
Pkmn Diamond EUR FC: 2664 1113 2127

User Info: reborn_Xtreme

8 years ago#7
Good that I have a pal here.

User Info: NekuOwns

8 years ago#8
Uh, let me tell you this dude, when I discovered this game existed on the Melty Blood: Actress Again boards, searched for it, then came here, your topic made me lol a bit.
MetaKnight is the new god.
People who actually play Melty Blood: 6

User Info: Genisgenius

8 years ago#9
lol :p was it cuz of me neku?
Smile......Smile! SMILE DAMMIT!-Ryohei from Katekyo hitman reborn. Brawl FC: 4725-7225-1700 JUS FC:4425-1300-8513

User Info: SDBZ

8 years ago#10
Woot! Another Melty Blood fan! Heya!
I'm just a Kamen Rider passing through. You'd better remember me! - Tsukasa Kadoya, Kamen Rider Decade.

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