Some help needed for a newbie please!

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User Info: raks73

4 years ago#1
Hey guys, am new to GTA. I have 3 queries.

1. When does the game auto save? I thought it would be the start of each mission but I am on mission 2 and looking for the loan sharks. On the main menu, the only auto save is from mission 1 ("the cousins bellic"). Shouldn't there be a newer auto save that overwrites that one?

2. I have just died and am outside the hospital. No mission info is given after the message about charging me for healthcare. So what do I do now? I assume I have to start the second mission again - do I just make my way back to Roman?

3. Shouldn't there be a journal or at least info on what your current objectives are?

Thanks in advance.

User Info: jay11228181

4 years ago#2
The game auto saves after you complete a mission.

When you fail a mission you'll get a text messages on Nikos phone asking if you want to retry. But that might only occur after Roman gives you a phone.

There's a section called brief I believe that will usually tell you what your current objective is. You can find it in the pause menu by hitting escape or start if you are using a controller.
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  3. Some help needed for a newbie please!

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