'Catch The Wave' is an awful, awful mission.

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  3. 'Catch The Wave' is an awful, awful mission.

User Info: SlickRacerPrime

3 years ago#1
I am so tired of making that stupid damn drive to the docks every single time I have to retry this garbage mission. I might give it one or two more tries, otherwise I'm just going to watch the rest of the game on Youtube and skip to The Lost and Damned.

I always start the mission with full health, full armor, and full ammo for all weapons (except the rocket launcher, I haven't found where to find rocket ammo yet). I even call Dwayne's backup but so far all they do is get in my line of fire, get shot, and fall around on the ground like limp ragdolls. Then they get shot some more.

I hate all the driving at the beginning. I hate how Phil Bell is suicidal and runs into the open to fight dudes with assault rifles with a pistol while standing completely exposed. I hate how my weapons are suddenly useless against the enemies on this mission. Literally every time I've gotten into a gunfight before this one mission, I've been able to headshot enemies from a football field away with my SMG and assault rifle, but on this mission I can unload an entire clip toward a guy's head from half a room away and not hit them once. It's like they're all behind some sort of force field or my weapons were sabotaged before the mission to have garbage accuracy.

What's the deal with this mission? Is there some sort of trick to beating it? If there wasn't a time limit (Phil Bell committing suicide) then I could just take my time with it.
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User Info: Kokuei05

3 years ago#2
I've never failed this mission once with Phil dying. When Phil advances up, follow him. Are you not using a mouse?
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  3. 'Catch The Wave' is an awful, awful mission.

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