So... What are some good mods out there?

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User Info: GuitarJozz

4 years ago#1
First off, let me say that I recently bought and tried GTA V on my PS3.

And now I am here asking about mods for GTA IV. Needless to say, I disliked(nicest way to put it) the new vehicle physics and handling so much in the new game that I am going to come back and play GTA IV again.

And double first off, I have basically no experience modding PC games. I usually just play them as they are, and sometimes download a trainer to have a bit of extra fun. But I have never tried installing a mod for a PC game before.

So my questions are:

What are some good mods out there for the PC Steam version of GTA IV?

Is there a good real world vehicle pack out there that changes all the vehicle skins/models in one shot? Or do you have to download and install them individually? If there is a pack that changes them all, which one would you recommend? Does it change the physics of the vehicles at all?

What is the best texture mod out there, that updates all the textures of the game to better, high resolution ones? Is there even one out there?

Are there any mods out there that add some sort of off road, mountain like locations to the map? Or perhaps an entire new location altogether?
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  3. So... What are some good mods out there?

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