Cant get game to start

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User Info: Lionheart159

4 years ago#1
Bought the game from, downloaded it on Steam. and did all that stuff.
I'm trying to start it up, but after the Social Club sign in, it just stops. the game doesnt load. does anyone have any idea why this is happening? it's doing something similar with San Andreas, but with that one, its saying that its already running, even after restarting/reinstalling multiple times.

any and all help is appreciated.

P.S. I'm running Windows 8. it doesnt affect LA NOIRE, only the GTA Games
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User Info: Kokuei05

4 years ago#2
GTA IV uses GFWL. The problem you're having is that the game doesn't actually install the latest version of GFWL which it requires. Uninstall the GFWL program you have and manually download/install the latest GFWL from microsoft.

Either do this or download xliveless which will bypass GFWL all together. You won't be able to get achievements or play online if you go this route though.
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  3. Cant get game to start

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