How Do I Pick Locks

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User Info: edward_finan

7 years ago#1

Okay, everytime I try to pick a lock it just shows those symbols (key holes)above my guy, but nothing happens he just stays there messing with it and it doesn't open?

Any help (I am lvl 2 lockpick)?

User Info: giocare

7 years ago#2
Press left and right until you get the right combination.

User Info: Handel

7 years ago#3
Providing you have the lockpick skill you need to turn the lockpics right and left in predetermined combination. And the game tip says there are always an equal numbers of left and right "clicks". So if you have a lock with 6 clicks and you found "left-left-right-left" untill now then the missing 2 should be both right.
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