Problems with Brogar

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User Info: Onemorego

8 years ago#1

I've noticed that some other people are having problems with fighting Brogar too. Basically I am at the end of the quest chain in the bandit camp and Brogar won't fight me. I think it may be because I did the quests in an odd way.

When I received the quest to fight in the arena I didn't do it straight away, instead I decided to the quest with Lorenzo where you go to the ruins but end up having to fight him. After that I fought with the other two, Ricardo and Domingo, but it won't let me fight with Lorenzo. I think that because of this it also won't let me fight Brogar :(

Will I have to start again do you think?

Thanks in advance

User Info: PhilR1

8 years ago#2
The same thing happened to me. If you talk to Lorenzo after beating him, go back to Craig and tell him that he won't fight you in the arena. It won't affect you fighting Brogar because once everyone else is defeated all you have to do is tell Brogar you've beaten everyone. Call him a coward (I think) and he will fight you! Make sure you've got the 200 gold needed to set up the fight. Not sure if you can do it without getting the gold. Maybe someon else can answer that.
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User Info: spiderbite2

8 years ago#3
if you just need the gold sword part to finish quest,go into his hut and whack him,dont let others see you though or they gang up on you

User Info: Liebenkucken

8 years ago#4

I found beating Brogar in the arena was quite easy. Don't know if anyone tried it, but I just used crossbow on him, running around and firing at him... Went down in no time :) Considering your problem was solved in the post above, I thought I could help you a little if you find Brogar too much of an animal :)))

User Info: Onemorego

8 years ago#5
Thanks for the responses!

I have tried speaking to Craig but he will only train me (I've spoken to Rachel and closed the arena down, doh!) Lorenzo won't talk to me any more neither will Rachel or Brogar, the antisocial buggers.

I can kill Brogar and get the piece of sword but it looks like I can't complete the quest to displace Brogar from the Bandit camp :(

User Info: EndofEternityxx

8 years ago#6
You'd think killing him would be displacement enough. >_>
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User Info: annsunny

8 years ago#7
I haven't gotten that far yet, but can you get in by killing the ogre and the battle crickets? It would be going in the back way, but not easy, I suspect the ogre is quite tough.

User Info: Onemorego

8 years ago#8
We'll, I decided to carry on instead of start again.

I got the shard from Brogar (by kicking his ar#e) and completed that quest. It hasn't said that I've failed the quest to get rid of Brogar so I might be OK.

User Info: Dangaard

8 years ago#9
Have this problem too. Plus, Craig won't fight me at all...I also ratted out his gambling operation...
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User Info: Dangaard

8 years ago#10
Also of note, I tried using Jest. After all that, I just decided to attack Brogar in his hut. I then finished him off as well....failed the quest contest of power or whatever, finished the quest finishing off Brogar...

Conversation with Rachel has me stating that she was right, Brogar folded, and she says she'll poison him. Not sure if that's a proper turn of events or not >_>
Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.
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