Here is a very Extensive Console Command List I spent 12 hours doing.

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8 years ago#1
Before anyone asks, yes I had nothing better to do. :)

Ok so after 12 long hours, I finally managed to finish this very, very detailed and extensive console command listing. I have Categorized everything for easy and convenient reading
The cheat code line itself and in parentheses is what that cheat controls
So enjoy all my hard work Let me know what people think.

Even though some people already knows this, this is for the people who do not know:

Some important things to know:
To activate the console in order to be able to type in the cheats you type in the word minsky
minsky can be typed in from any screen and once you do that it will say test mode Activated.

Now for those of you that do not know, Failure to enter in the cheats into the console EXACTLY how you see them here on this list, will cause the cheat to not work. So make absolutely sure all the lower and upper case letters are the exact same way in the console as you see on this list.

Once you get the cheat you want set up, press the enter key on your keyboard to activate it

To add any amount of an item simply put a space and then a number after the cheat and you will get that set amount:

For Example if I want 100 arrows tis is what i would enter in into the console
give It_Arrows 100

Then press enter now on with the list:

teach_Acrobat (Acrobat Skill)
teach_Alchemy (Alchemy Skill)
teach_CombatAxe (Axe Skill)
teach_CombatBow (Archery Skill)
teach_CombatCrossbow (Crossbow Skil)
teach_CombatStaff (Staff Skill)
teach_CombatSword (Sword Skill)
teach_DEX (Dexterity)
teach_HP (Hit Points)
teach_INT (Wisdom)
teach_Lockpick (Open Locks)
teach_LP (Learning Points)
teach_LV (Level)
teach_MagicCircle (Seals)
teach_MagicFireball (Fireball Skill)
teach_MagicFrost (Frost Skill)
teach_MagicMagicMissle (Magic Bullet Skill)
teach_MAXHP (Total Amount Of Health)
teach_MAXMP (Total Amount Of Mana)
teach_MP (Give Mana)
teach_Pickpocket (Pickpocket)
teach_ProtBlunt (Blunt Weapon Protection)
teach_ProtEdge (Blade Protection)
teach_ProtFire (Fire Protection)
teach_ProtIce (Ice Protection)
teach_ProtMagic (Magic Protection)
teach_Point (Piercing Weapon Protection)
teach_Scribe (Create Scrolls)
teach_Smith (Smithing Skill)
teach_Sneak (Sneak Skill)
teach_STR (Strength Stat)
teach_Trophy (Gut Animals)
teach_XP (Gives Experience)

give It_Axe_Beard (Bearded Axe)
give It_Axe_Berserker (Berserker Axe)
give It_Axe_CrowsBeak (Raven’s Beak)
give It_Axe_Light (Light Battleaxe)
give It_Axe_Lumberjack (Woodcutters Axe)
give It_Axe_Ogre (Ogre Club)
give It_Axe_Sledgehammer (Sledgehammer)
give It_Axe_StoneCutter (Stonesplitter)
give It_Axe_Titan (Titan Axe)
give It_Axe_TitanHammer (Hammer Of The Titan Lord)
give It_Axe_Waraxe (Battleaxe)
give It_Axe_Warhammer (Warhammer)

give It_Bow_Bone (Bone Bow)
give It_Bow_Cole (Cole’s Bow)
give It_Bow_Horn (Horn Bow)
give It_Bow_Hunting (Hunting Bow)
give It_Bow_Long (Long Bow)
give It_Bow_Poacher (Poacher’s Bow)
give It_Bow_Short (Short Bow)
give It_Bow_Titan (Titan Bow)
give It_Bow_War (Warbow)

give It_Crossbow_Guard (Crossbow)
give It_Crossbow_Hunting (Hunting Crossbow)
give It_Crossbow_Small (Light Crossbow)
give It_Crossbow_Titan (Titan Crossbow)
give It_Crossbow_War (War Crossbow)

User Info: no1important3

8 years ago#2
Continued from above:

give It_Staff_Blade (Executioners Staff)
give It_Staff_Blade_Alvard (Honed Blade Staff)
give It_Staff_Branch (Sturdy Branch)
give It_Staff_Combat (Fighting Staff)
give It_Staff_Druid (Eldric’s Staff)
give It_Staff_Novice (Novice’s Staff)
give It_Staff_Spear (Spear)
give It_Staff_Titan (Titan Staff)
give It_Staff_TitanScepter (Titan Scepter)
give It_Staff_TwoBladed (Double Bladed Staff)
give It_Staff_WarSpear (War Spear)

give It_1H_Club (Club)
give It_1H_Cutlass (Cutlass)
give It_1H_Katana (The Don’s Sword)
give It_1H_Knife_Hunting (Hunting Knife)
give It_1H_Mace (Skull Splitter)
give It_1H_Mace_Lordly (War Mace)
give It_1H_Mace_Spiked (Thorn Mace)
give It_1H_Machete (Machete)
give It_1H_Obsidian_Dull (Dull Obsidian Sword)
give It_1H_Obsidian_Hot (Glowing Obsidian Blank)
give It_1H_Obsidian_Raw (Obsidian Blank)
give It_1H_Obsidian_Shaped (Glowing Obsidian Sword)
give It_1H_Obsidian_Sharp (Sharp Obsidian Sword)
give It_1H_Rapier (Rapier)
give It_1H_Saber (Saber)
give It_1H_Sickle (Sickle)
give It_1H_Steel_Dull (Dull Sword)
give It_1H_ Steel_Hot (Glowing Steel Blank)
give It_1H_ Steel_Raw (Steel Blank)
give It_1H_ Steel_Shaped (Glowing Sword)
give It_1H_ Steel_Sharp (Sharp Sword)
give It_1H_Sword (Sword)
give It_1H_Sword_Lordly (Fine Sword)
give It_1H_Sword_Rusty (Rusty Sword)
give It_1HS_BadSword (The Worst Sword In The World)
give It_1HS_Sword_Bronco (Aric’s Sword)

give It_2H_Berserker (Berserker)
give It_2H_DemonBlade (Demon Blade)
give It_2H_Obsidian_Dull (Dull Obsidian Sword)
give It_2H_Obsidian_Hot (Glowing Obsidian Blank)
give It_2H_Obsidian_Raw (Obsidian Blank)
give It_2H_Obsidian_Shaped (Glowing Obsidian Sword)
give It_2H_Obsidian_Sharp (Obsidian Two-Handed Sword)
give It_2H_Obsidian_Lizard (Lizard Sword)
give It_2H_Steel_Dull (Dull Two-Handed Sword)
give It_2H_Steel_Hot (Glowing Steel Blank)
give It_2H_Steel_Raw (Steel Blank)
give It_2H_Steel_Shaped (Glowing Sword)
give It_2H_Steel_Sharp (Sharp Two-Handed Sword)
give It_2H_Titanwing (Titanwing)
give It_2H_TwoHandedSword (Two-Handed Sword)
give It_2H_TwoHandedSword_Rusty (Rusty Two-Handed Sword)

give It_BS_BastardSword (Bastard Sword)
give It_BS_Obsidian_Dull (Dull Obsidian Bastard Sword)
give It_BS_Obsidian_Hot (Glowing Obsidian Blank)
give It_BS_Obsidian_Raw (Obsidian Blank)
give It_BS_Obsidian_Shaped (Glowing Obsidian Sword)
give It_BS_Obsidian_Sharp (Sharp Obsidian Sword)
give It_BS_RuneSword
give It_BS_Special_01 (Evil Bastard)
give It_BS_Steel_Dull (Dull Bastard Sword)
give It_BS_Steel_Hot (Glowing Steel Blank)
give It_BS_Steel_Raw (Steel Blank)
give It_BS_Steel_Shaped (Glowing Sword)
give It_BS_Steel_Sharp (Sharp Bastard Sword)
give It_BS_TitanSword (Titan Sword)
give It_BS_TraitorSword (Traitors Blade)

give It_Arrow (Bow Ammunition)
give It_Bolt (Crossbow Ammunition)
give It_Knife (Normal Knife)
give It_Stone (Stone)

User Info: no1important3

8 years ago#3
Continued from Above:

give It_Helmet_Guard (Helmet Of The City Guard)
give It_Helmet_Inq_Sentinel (Helmet Of The Warrior’s Of The Order)
give It_Helmet_Leather (Leather Helmet)
give It_Helmet_Occular (Ocular)
give It_Helmet_Titanlord (Helmet Of The Titan Lord)

give It_Shield_Buckler (Wooden Shield)
give It_Shield_Guard (War Shield)
give It_Shield_Rotten (Small Shield)
give It_Shield_Round (Round Shield)
give It_Shield_Rune (Rune Shield – Lord Patroscon’s Shield)
give It_Shield_Titan (Shield)
give It_Shield_Titanlord (Shield Of The Titan Lord)

give It_Armor_Don (The Don’s Clothing)
give It_Armor_Don_Elite (Armor Of A Captain)
give It_Armor_Fighter (Armor Of A Fighter)
give It_Armor_Hunter (Hunter’s Clothing)
give It_Armor_Druid (Eldric’s Robe)
give It_Armor_Guard (Armour Of The City Guard)
give It_Armor_Inq_Guard (Warrior Armour)
give It_Armor_Inq_Mage_High (Mage’s Robe)
give It_Armor_Inq_Novice (Recruit’s Clothing)
give It_Armor_Inq_Sentinel (Armour Of A Commandant)
give It_Armor_Inquisitor (Armour Of The Inquisitor)
give It_Armor_Intro_Old
give It_Armor_Intro_Young
give It_Armor_Landlord (Clothes)
give It_Armor_Mage_High (Heavy Mage’s Robe)
give It_Armor_Mage_Low (Mage’s Robe)
give It_Armor_Mage_Novice (Novice’s Robe)
give It_Armor_Peasant (Farmer’s Clothing)
give It_Armor_Player (The Last Shirt)
give It_Armor_Seaman_Officer (Officer’s Coat)
give It_Armor_Seaman_Sailor_01 (Seaman’s Clothes)
give It_Armor_Seaman_Sailor_02 (Canvas Clothing)
give It_Armor_Smith (Apron) (Note this will make you look fat)
give It_Armor_Titanlord (Armour Of The Titanlord)
give It_Armor_Trader (Clothes)
give It_Armor_Worker (Worker’s Clothes)
give It_Armor_Worker_02 (No Name)
give It_Armor_Worker_03 (No Name)
give It_Armor_ArmorPiece_Titanlord_01 (Chest Piece)
give It_Armor_ArmorPiece_Titanlord_02 (Greaves)

User Info: no1important3

8 years ago#4
Continued From Above

give It_Am_Amber (Amulet Of Strength +15 To Strength)
give It_Am_Antimagic (Amulet Of Anti-Magic +15 Fire, Ice, & Magic Protection & -2 Fireball, Magic Bullet, Frost)
give It_Am_DEX (Hunting Amulet +10 Dexterity & Piercing Weapon Protection)
give It_Am_Diamond (Shield Amulet +10 Blunt, Piercing, & Blade Protection & +5 Fire, Ice, Magic Protection)
give It_Am_DonPlacebo (Useless Amulet)
give It_Am_DonsRelict (Amulet Of The Don’s Family +10 Piercing Weapon Protection)
give It_Am_Emerald (Amulet Of The Hunter +2 Archery & +10 Dexterity)
give It_Am_HP (Amulet Of Life +20 Life)
give It_Am_Lizard (Lizard Amulet +10 Blade & Fire Protection)
give It_Am_MP (Amulet Of The Sorcerer +5 Fire, Ice, & Magic Protection & +30 Mana)
give It_Am_MP_Small (Magical Strength Amulet +20 Mana)
give It_Am_Prot (Amulet Of The Holy Flame +10 Fire, Ice, & Magic Protection & +20 Blunt, Piercing, & Blade Protection)
give It_Am_Prot_Fire (Fire Protection Amulet +10 Fire Protection)
give It_Am_Prot_Ice (Ice Protection Amulet +10 Ice Protection)
give It_Am_Prot_Magic (Magic Protection Amulet +10 Magic Protection)
give It_Am_Prot_Small (Amulet Of Woodskin +10 Blade, & Blunt Weapon Protection)
give It_Am_Ruby (Amulet Of The Warrior +20 Life, & +8 Strength, & +8 Blunt, Piercing, & Blade Protection)
give It_Am_Rufus (Rufus’s Amulet +20 Piercing Weapon Protection)
give It_Am_Sapphire (Amulet Of The Mage +2 Fireball, Frost, & Magic Bullet)
give It_Am_STR (Amulet Of The Fighter (+8 Blade, Blunt Weapon Protection & +8 Strength)
give It_Am_STR_DEX (Amulet Of Power +5 Dexterity & Strength)

give It_Ri_Acrobat (Ring Of The Acrobat +1 Acrobatics)
give It_Ri_Amber (Ring Of Strength +5 Strength)
give It_Ri_Antimagic (Ring Of Magic Protection +5 Fire, Ice, Magic Protection)
give It_Ri_Artifact_Nico (Nico’s Ring)
give It_Ri_Axe (Ring Of The Axe Fighter +1 Axe)
give It_Ri_Barry (Krayban’s Ring +1 Acrobatics)
give It_Ri_Bow (Ring Of Hunting +1 Archery)
give It_Ri_Crossbow (Ring Of Protection +1 Crossbow)
give It_Ri_DEX_Small (Ring Of Skill +1 Dexterity)
give It_Ri_Diamond (Ring Of The Fighter +8 Blunt, Piercing, & Blade Protection)
give It_Ri_Emerald (Ring Of Dexterity +5 Dexterity)
give It_Ri_HP_Small (Ring Of Health +10 Life)
give It_Ri_Monastery (The Ring Of The Mage +1 Acrobatics)
give It_Ri_MP_Small (Ring Of Energy +10 Mana)
give It_Ri_Nelson (Nelson’s Ring +1 Acrobatics)
give It_Ri_Prot_Blade_Impact (Ring Of The Duelist +5 Blunt, & Blade Protection)
give It_Ri_Prot_Missile (Ring Of Woodskin +10 Blunt, Piercing, & Blade Protection)
give It_Ri_Ruby (Ring Of Strength +20 Life, & +3 Strength)
give It_Ri_Sapphire (Ring Of Magic +20 Mana)
give It_Ri_Skeletonlord (Vassal Ring)
give It_Ri_Sneak (Ring Of Stealth +1 Sneak)
give It_Ri_Staff (Ring Of The Staff Fighter +1 Staff)
give It_Ri_STR_DEX (Ring Of Power +3 Dexterity, & Strength)
give It_Ri_STR_Small (Ring Of Strength +3 Strength)
give It_Ri_Sword (Ring Of The Sword Fighter +1 Sword)
give It_Ri_Gold (Ring)

give It_Bust_BD_DonCamp (Lizard Mage Bust)
give It_Bust_BD_Farm (Priest’s Bust)
give It_Bust_BD_Vulcan_Left (Bust Of A King)
give It_Bust_LizardPriest (Bust)
give It_Bust_Oldmine (Old Bust)
give It_Bust_Titanlord_Chamber (Lizard Bust)
give It_Bust_UndeadChambers (Lizard Bust)
give It_Bust_LucanTemple_Breakthrough (Old Bust)
give It_Bust_VulcanTemple_MainDoor (Old Bust)

User Info: no1important3

8 years ago#5
Continued From Above

give It_Key_Alvaro (Key To Alvaro’s Chest)
give It_Key_Berengir (Key In Volcano Keep)
give It_Key_Bronco (Key To The Bathroom)
give It_Key_Buddy (Duram’s Key)
give It_Key_Cutter (Cutter’s Key)
give It_Key_Dick (Marek’s Key)
give It_Key_Druidjail (Cell Key For Eldric)
give It_Key_Eldric (Eldric’s Chest Key)
give It_Key_Gamestart (House Chest Key At The Beginning Of The Game)
give It_Key_Gamstart_Sara (Key To The Farm Near The Beach)
give It_Key_GregsHouseHarbor (Steelbeard’s Shack Key)
give It_Key_HarbourTunnel (Sewer Key)
give It_Key_HunterPath (Dork’s Cell Key)
give It_Key_Jack (Jack’s Key)
give It_Key_Josh (Josh’s Key)
give It_Key_Leonardo (Leonardo’s Bunch Of Keys)
give It_Key_Library (Key To The Library)
give It_Key_Monastery (Volcano Keep Key)
give It_Key_Monastery_Storage (Storeroom Key)
give It_Key_Monastery_WineCellar (Wine Cellar Key)
give It_Key_PattysJail (Patty’s Cell Key)
give It_Key_PattysPassePartout (Patty’s Master Key)
give It_Key_RomanovsChest (Key To Romanov’s Chest)
give It_Key_Ursegor (The Key From The Gate Guard At The Crypt)

give It_Map_BD_VulcanRight (Map Of The Eastern Volcano Cave)
give It_Map_BD_Waterfall (Map Of The Priest’s Tomb Behind The waterfall On The West Coast)
give It_Map_DonCamp (Map Of The Bandit Camp)
give It_Map_Druidjail (Map Of The Lizard Prison)
give It_Map_Harbour (Map Of Harbor Town)
give It_Map_LizardScouts (Map Of The Caves And Fortifications Under The Volcano)
give It_Map_Monastery (Map Of The Volcano Keep)
give It_Map_Oldmine (Map Of The Eastern Temple)
give It_Map_Vulcan (Map Of The Caves Underneath The Volcano)
give It_Map_World_OW1 (A Small Map Of The Island)
give It_Map_World_OW2 (Nelson’s Completed Map of The Whole Island)

give It_Recipe_DEX_MAX (Permanent Dexterity Potion)
give It_Recipe_FriedStew_DEX (Hunter’s Fry-Up)
give It_Recipe_FriedStew_HP (Meat-Stuffed Bread)
give It_Recipe_FriedStew_MP (Plaice Melt)
give It_Recipe_Health_01 (Weak Healing Potion)
give It_Recipe_Health_02 (Regular Healing Potion)
give It_Recipe_Health_03 (Strong Healing Potion)
give It_Recipe_HP_MAX (Permanent Health Potion)
give It_Recipe_Mana_01 (Weak Mana Potion)
give It_Recipe_Mana_02 (Regular Mana Potion)
give It_Recipe_Mana_03 (Strong Mana Potion)
give It_Recipe_MP_MAX (Permanent Mana Potion)
give It_Recipe_SoupFish (Fish Soup)
give It_Recipe_SoupMeat (Novice’s Stew)
give It_Recipe_StewMeat_01 (Meat Stew)
give It_Recipe_StewMeat_02 (Hearty Meat Stew)
give It_Recipe_StewMeat_03 (Hotpot)
give It_Recipe_STR_MAX (Permanent Strength Potion)
give It_Recipe_XP (Traveler’s Potion)

User Info: no1important3

8 years ago#6
Continued From above:

give It_Po_DEX_Max (Permanent Dexterity Potion)
give It_Po_Health_01 (Small Healing Potion)
give It_Po_Health_02 (Healing Potion)
give It_Po_Health_03 (Strong Healing Potion)
give It_Po_HP_Max (Permanent Life Potion)
give It_Po_Mana_01 (Small Mana Potion)
give It_Po_Mana_02 (Mana Potion)
give It_Po_Mana_03 (Strong Mana Potion)
give It_Po_MP_Max (Permanent Mana Potion)
give It_Po_Reg (Potion Of Regeneration)
give It_Po_STR_Max (Permanent Strength Potion)
give It_Po_XP (Permanent XP Potion)

give It_Broom (Broom)
give It_Flute (Clam)
give It_GoldsmithHammer (
give It_Goldsmith_Tong (
give It_Recipe_Horn (Horn Saw)
give It_Lockpick (Lockpick)
give It_Pan (Frying Pan)
give It_Pickaxe (PickAxe)
give It_Quill (Quill)
give It_Rake (Rake)
give It_Recipe_Rotworm (Jaw Chisel)
give It_Saringda (Fiddle)
give It_Saringda_Fiddlestick (Fiddle Bow)
give It_Saw (Saw)
give It_Scoop (Scoop)
give It_Shovel (Shovel)
give It_SmithHammer (Smith’s Hammer)
give It_Recipe_Sting (Sting Breaker)
give It_Torch
give It_Recipe_Tusk (Jaw Tongs)
give It_Recipe_Wing (Wing Shears)

give It_Plant (Greenleaf)
give It_Plant_Berry (Berry)
give It_Plant_Corn (Grain)
give It_Plant_DEX (Pixie Hat)
give It_Plant_Health_01 (Healing Herb)
give It_Plant_Health_02 (Healing Plant)
give It_Plant_Health_03 (Healing Root)
give It_Plant_Mana_01 (Mana Mushroom)
give It_Plant_Mana_02 (Mana Plant)
give It_Plant_Mana_03 (Mana Root)
give It_Plant_Mint (Mint)
give It_Plant_Mushroom (Mushroom)
give It_Plant_Perm (Hero’s Crown)
give It_Plant_Speed (Wanderlust)
give It_Plant_STR (Ogre Root)
give It_Plant_Transform (Druid’s Hemlock)
give It_Plant_Weed (Weed)

give It_Apple (Apple)
give It_Beer (Beer)
give It_Beet (Turnip)
give It_Bread (Bread)
give It_Carrot (Carrot)
give It_Cheese (Cheese)
give It_Chicken (Cooked Chicken)
give It_Chicken_Raw (Raw Chicken)
give It_Coffee (Coffee)
give It_Egg (Egg)
give It_Fish_Fried (Fried Herring)
give It_Fish_Raw (Herring)
give It_FriedStew_DEX (Hunter’s Fry-Up)
give It_FriedStew_HP (Meat-Stuffed Bread)
give It_FriedStew_MP (Plaice Melt)
give It_Grapes (Grapes)
give It_Grog (Grog)
give It_Meat_Fried (Fired Meat)
give It_Milk (Milk)
give It_Meat_Raw (Raw Meat)
give It_Onions (Onions)
give It_Plaice_Fried (Fried Plaice)
give It_Plaice_Raw (Raw Plaice)
give It_Potatoes (Potaotoes)
give It_Ragout (Ragout)
give It_Rum (Rum)
give It_Sausage (Sausage)
give It_Shark_Fried (Shark Steak)
give It_Shark_Raw (Raw Shark)
give It_SoupFish (Fish Soup)
give It_SoupMeat (Novice’s Stew)
give It_SpiceBag (Bag Of Spices)
give It_Stew (Stew)
give It_Stew_Harlok (Stew From Harlok’s Kitchen)
give It_StewMeat_01 (Meat Stew)
give It_StewMeat_02 (Heartly meat Stew)
give It_StewMeat_03 (Hotpot)
give It_Tea (Tea)
give It_Turkey (A Whole Turkey)
give It_Water (Water)
give It_Wine (Wine)
give It_Wine_Monastery_03 (Fireflush)

User Info: no1important3

8 years ago#7
Continued from Above:

give It_Bag (Contains 25 Gold Coins)
give It_Bag_Hemlar (Hemlar’s Purse Contains 25 Gold Coins)
give It_BlackPearl (Black Pearl)
give It_Candleholder_Gold (Candlestick)
give It_Candleholder_Silver (Candlestick)
give It_Casket (Contains 50 Gold Coins)
give It_Fur_AshBeast (Beast Skin)
give It_Goblet_Gold (Goblet)
give It_Goblet_Silver (Goblet)
give It_Gold
give It_GoldBag_Large (Purse Contains 100 Gold Coins)
give It_GoldBag_Medium (Purse Contains 50 Gold Coins)
give It_GoldBag_Small (Purse Contains 25 Gold Coins)
give It_GoldPile_Big (Contains 50 Gold Coins)
give It_GoldPile_Small (Contains 25 Coins)
give It_MessageInABottle (Contains 50 Gold Coins)
give It_Necklace_Gold (Necklace)
give It_Necklace_Pearl (Pearl Necklace)
give It_Packet (Contains 25 Gold Coins)
give It_Pearl (Pearl)
give It_Plate_Gold (Gold Plate)
give It_Plate_Silver (Silver Plate)
give It_Pouch (Contains 25 Gold Coins)
give It_Shell (Mussel)

give It_2H_Souldrinker_Dull (Dull Souldrinker)
give It_2H_Souldrinker_Hot (Glowing Souldrinker)
give It_2H_Souldrinker_Raw (Broken Two-Handed Sword)
give It_2H_Souldrinker_Shaped (Glowing Souldrinker)
give It_2H_Souldrinker_Sharp (Sharp Souldrinker)
give It_2H_Souldrinker_Tip (Sword Tip)
give It_2HS_DonsGoldSword (Golden Sword)
give It_2HS_DonsGoldSword_Part (Fragment Of A Sword)
give It_Artifact_Disc (Golden Crystal Disk)
give It_Artifact_Disc_Broken (Damaged Disk)
give It_Artifact_Disc_Druid (Golden Disk)
give It_Artifact_Fake_Disc (Old Disk)
give It_Bag_StolenGoods_Gnomes (Toolbag)
give It_Book_Abrax (Notes)
give It_Book_MagicCrystals (The Magic Of Crystals)
give It_Book_MagicRunes (On Rune Magic)
give It_Book_Pallas (The Power Of Ice)
give It_Book_Vitus (Wisdom In Combat)
give It_BS_Stormwind_Dull (Dull Stormwind)
give It_BS_Stormwind_Hot (Glowing Stormwind Blank)
give It_BS_Stormwind_Raw (Broken Bastard Sword)
give It_BS_Stormwind_Shaped (Glowing Stormwind)
give It_BS_Stormwind_Sharp (Stormwind)
give It_BS_Stormwind_Tip (Sword Tip)
give It_CashBox_Baxter (Baxter’s Missing Cashbox)
give It_Casket_Romanov (Romanov’s Casket)
give It_Cloth_Eldric (Torn Sleeve)
give It_DustHeap (Pile Of Dust)
give It_Fur_Boar (Wild Boarskin)
give It_Fur_Wolf (Wolfskin)
give It_Goblet_Gold_Carasco (Large Golden Bowl)
give It_GoldPlate (Armor Plate)
give It_Joint (Weed Reefer)
give It_Knife_Harlok (Kitchen Knife)
give It_Letter_Carlos (Recommendation Letter)
give It_Letter_GregHint1 (Steelbeard Clue)
give It_Letter_GregHint2 (Steelbeard Clue)
give It_Letter_GregHint3 (Steelbeard Clue)
give It_Letter_GregHint4 (Steelbeard Clue)
give It_Letter_GregHint5 (Steelbeard Clue)
give It_Letter_Patroscon (Old Document)
give It_List_Abrax (Abrax List Of Plants)
give It_List_Belschwur (List From Master Belschwur)
give It_List_Brogar (Suspicious List)
give It_List_FirstHintOfGreg (Old Document)
give It_List_Pallas (List From Master Pallas)
give It_List_Scribe_Ingredients (List From Master Lllumar)
give It_Map_GregsSeamap (Steelbeard’s Nautical Map)
give It_OldCoin (Coin On Dead Body)
give It_Packet_Abrax (Alchemical Supplies)
give It_Packet_DrugsDon (Large Packet Of Weed)
give It_Packet_Hemlar (Small Packet Of Weed)
give It_Packet_Meat (A Delivery Of Meat)
give It_Packet_Scordo (Scordo’s Packet)
give It_Purse_Costa (Contains 300 Gold Coins)
give It_Skull_Berta (Berta’s Skull)
give It_Skull_Titanlord (Ursegor’s Skull)
give It_Skull_UndeadBeast (Skull Of The Undead Beast)
give It_Skull_UndeadPriest (Skull Of The Undead Priest)
give It_Skull_UndeadWarrior (Skull Of The Undead Guardian)
give It_SoulShard_Titanlord (Soul Splinter)

User Info: no1important3

8 years ago#8
Continued From Above:

give It_Bone (Bone)
give It_ColdHeart (Bog Body Heart)
give It_EmptyFlask (Vial)
give It_Heart_Ashbeast
give It_MothPowder (Wing Dust)
give It_Parchment_Empty (Blank Scroll)
give It_Shell_Nautilus
give It_StonePlate (Stone Plate)
give It_Teeth (Teeth)
give It_Tusk (Tusk)
give It_Wings_Dragonfly (Wing)

give It_Crystal_Fire (Fire Crystal)
give It_Crystal_Frost (Frost Crystal)
give It_Crystal_Magic (Magic Crystal)

give It_Amber (Amber)
give It_Amber_Small (Small Amber)
give It_AntimagicCrystal (Anti-Magic Crystal)
give It_AntimagicCrystal_Small (Small Aniti-Magic Crystal)
give It_Diamond (Diamond)
give It_Diamond_Small (Small Diamond)
give It_Emerald (Emerald)
give It_Emerald_Small (Small Emerald)
give It_GoldOre (Lump Of Gold)
give It_IronOre (Lump Of Iron Ore)
give It_Obsidian (Obsidian)
give It_Ruby (Ruby)
give It_Ruby_Small (Small Ruby)
give It_Sapphire (Sapphire)
give It_Sappire_Small (Small Sapphire)

give It_Claw (Claw)
give It_Claw_Rotworm (Rotworm Claw)
give It_Claw_Scorpion (Scorpion Claws)
give It_Head_Gyrger (Gyrger Head)
give It_Horn_Brontok (Brontok Horn)
give It_Sting (Stinger)
give It_Sting_Scorpion (Scorpion Stinger)

User Info: no1important3

8 years ago#9
Continued From Above:

give It_Ru_Beast (Rune Of Ashbeast)
give It_Ru_Berserker (Rune Of Berserker)
give It_Ru_BlueBarrier (Rune Of Destroy Magic Barrier)
give It_Ru_Enhanced Heal (Rune Of Strong Magic Healing)
give It_Ru_Illusion (Rune Of Create Illusion)
give It_Ru_Inferno (Rune Of Inferno)
give It_Ru_Joke (Rune Of Jest)
give It_Ru_Levitate (Scroll Of Levitate)
give It_Ru_Light (Rune Of Light)
give It_Ru_MediumHeal (Rune Of Medium Magic Healing)
give It_Ru_MinorHeal (Rune Of Small Magic Healing)
give It_Ru_Nautilus (Rune Of Nautilus Transformation)
give It_Ru_OpenLock (Rune Of Open Locks)
give It_Ru_Protection (Rune Of Protection)
give It_Ru_RedBarrier (Rune Of Destory Magic Force Field)
give It_Ru_Skeleton (Rune Of Conjure Skeleton)
give It_Ru_Speed (Rune Of Speed)
give It_Ru_Telekinesis (Rune Of Telekinesis)

give It_Scr_Beast (Scroll Of Ashbeast)
give It_Scr_Berserker (Scroll Of Berserker)
give It_Scr_BlueBarrier (Scroll Of Destroy Magic Barrier)
give It_Scr_Enhanced Heal (Scroll Of Strong Magic Healing)
give It_Scr_Illusion (Scroll Of Create Illusion)
give It_Scr_Inferno (Scroll Of Inferno)
give It_Scr_Joke (Scroll Of Jest)
give It_Scr_Levitate (Scroll Of Levitate)
give It_Scr_Light (Scroll Of Light)
give It_Scr_MediumHeal (Scroll Of Medium Magic Healing)
give It_Scr_MinorHeal (Scroll Of Small Magic Healing)
give It_Scr_Nautilus (Scroll Of Nautilus Transformation)
give It_Scr_OpenLock (Scroll Of Open Locks)
give It_Scr_Protection (Scroll Of Protection)
give It_Scr_RedBarrier (Scroll Of Destory Magic Force Field)
give It_Scr_Skeleton (Scroll Of Conjure Skeleton)
give It_Scr_Speed (Scroll Of Speed)
give It_Scr_Telekinesis (Scroll Of Telekinesis)

give It_Ru_TeleportDon (Bandit Camp)
give It_Ru_TeleportDruide (Northeastern Temple)
give It_Ru_TeleportEastCoast (East Coast)
give It_Ru_TeleportEastLake (South East Coast)
give It_Ru_TeleportGoldenPortal (Volcano Keep)
give It_Ru_TeleportHarbour (Harbor City)
give It_Ru_TeleportOldmine (Eastern Temple)
give It_Ru_TeleportTempleGameStart (Southwestern Ruins)
give It_Ru_TeleportMonasteryCampNorth (Plains Temple)
give It_Ru_TeleportMonasteryCampSouth (Southwestern Ruins)
give It_Ru_TeleportTempleNearDonCamp (Western Ruins)
give It_Ru_TeleportTempleNearMonastery (Northern Temple)
give It_Ru_TeleportVulcanLeft (Western Volcano Cave)
give It_Ru_TeleportVulcanRight (Eastern Volcano Cave)

User Info: Antsh

8 years ago#10
Awesome and thanks.

You should submit this as a FAQ or Cheat.

Thanks again.
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