Battle Tower?

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User Info: Dyspair

7 years ago#1

Any idea how far into the game you need to be to get the battle tower? I am about 10+ hours into the game and still in the valley and just wanting to know if I missed something or just haven't gotten to it yet

User Info: Druuberry

7 years ago#2
You've got a good ways to go still. Complete broken valley then go through Maxos temple. The next area is called Sentinel Island, and at the end of that you'll get your tower.

User Info: Iceman_988

7 years ago#3
Anyone know how to get to the book in the Battle tower, there is an elevator and I cant figure it out what to do to open a door on 1st and 3rd floor? There is a hidden room on the 2nd floor, and something about candles ... anyone got a clue?? Please write on or in this forum... thanks :)

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