Best character build?

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User Info: Skel1

7 years ago#1
Is the best character build a pure Mage with emphasis on magic missle?

When I started the game I *thought* i wanted to be a warrior but I distributed my points too evenly and got my but handed to me until I learned that bow and arrow rocks in this game. I've considered (even though I'm already lvl 20) just restarting so I can make a better build instead of the hodgepodge I have currently.

What are some thoughts on character builds?

Would a pure mage be almost all stat points put into vitality, intelligence, and spirit?

Would a pure ranger be almost all stat points in vitality and dexterity? How would that work out? I noticed as you progress in the game almost 90% of everything is a magic attack and the rest is melee.
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User Info: Gaelstrom

7 years ago#2
There's no need to restart. If you'd like some very simple guidance, then I went archer with a side in magic. I went with MP reduction skill, and Ranger Strength for arrows, and then just kinda waited until blast arrow. As for magic, I personally bypassed Magic Missile, but I don't know if that was a good idea or not. Magic Blast, fire wall, and heal were my choices. Magic Blast and the arrow blast are the strongest attacks in the game, and fire wall does well for crowd control.

If you're worried, make sure you get the pet as well. He has an obscene amount of health even with crappy parts, so he'll help you with the worst of the initial battles.

Once you reach a certain point, for 5000 gold you can respec everything, so no worries. You won't need to be uber for the first half of the game. There's one rather tough battle, but your pet and a few reloads will take care of that.

User Info: Gioh

7 years ago#3
I got my char mainly mage based.
Skill invested in magicmissile, firebal and firewall and heal. Sidstep 1 point in regenerate.
Bit mana efficiency and a douse of stunskill.
I consdier it a good build. Waisted cpl skillpoint in lpicckin.

Sufficient strength for a shield. Been using a shield. Tho since i got 2 legendary weaps. Im dualing with the good mace and a legendary onehander. Stats on em veryhigh. So now i mage and fight. VEry cool, jumping in the crowd and start trashin em.

To my surprise an imp dropped me a legendary 2-hander. Very nice. (in the cave where u have ot be good or bad. I went good, and got choice of a :good"weapon).

I hardly use bows. Almost never, more like.

Am lvl 21.

User Info: Yariel

7 years ago#4
Mine is Lv 30 ...
With Skill :
Magic Missile : (for common use)
very useful ... not to mention can be used for multiple enemy in Close-medium range

Magic Blast : reserved only for boss

Potion usage : to make potion more effective
(I get most heal and stat boost, not to mention Potion of Full armor that really help me save the day ... )

Potion maker : (don't max it since you can upgrade your garden ... )
(put it carefully so you can even make potion with ONE ingredient ...
ULTIMATE potion of STR, DEX, INT or Full Armor with only 1 Fanny Bloom)
(or the one that heal HP and MP within 1 potion ULTIMATE VER ... with only 1 Earth Root)
(ofcourse I work My Runner all over ...)
BTW, 1 Ultimate Stat Potion can be sell for 280 G EACH ... this is quite a money maker too ...

for any extra skill point goes to Destruction and Demon Summoning ...
(Destruction is GOOD for Wizard and Demon is provoking enemy to get close to it ... not to mention it have close ranged projectile ...)

Stat allocation point :
Vitality :
a must for any trait ... exp since no potion to increase this momentary ...
not to mention the higher it is, the more Regeneration you'll get ...
(I give this plenty 40 or so since the damage you get is quite absurd latter ...)
Spirit :
Affect MP and also increase MP reg, quite important for Wizard ...
(I only choked 25 or so ... since I never get it empty anymore ...)
Str :
This affect Melee damage greatly and also affect HP Regeneration
(I only choked this because I need to equip some LEGENDARY heavy armor 20 or so)
Dex :
increase Critical chance and damage, also affect Evade from range attack
(I never increase this unless there's good equipment ... only put 5 or so)
Int :
This affect Magic damage greatly and also affect MP Regeneration
(I increase this mostly because I'm a Wizard type ... about 35 or so)

you might think the stat isn't even ...
it's because I use a full load of LEGENDARY item with major bonus + great charm
(A sword with +3+4+4+4 in Str, Vit, Dex, and Int) that's one sword with 3 EMPTY charm slot)
all the other equipment have the same trait about multiple stat boost bonus ...

and if you think the potion is weak ...
Well, with Stat boost potion, even a solo player can tango a bunch of a deadly enemy ...
in my 52 Int ... I choke ULTIMATE Int potion and it boost to 100 ...
(the calculation didn't match because Potion boost skill affecting it ...)
the damage for EACH shoot from Magic missile become more than 1000 ...
(my Magic Missile is at Lv 10 at that time)
same apply with Str and Dex ...
if you already have recipes for Ultimate stat boost ... well ... it's all a ... boring ?
(I choke all 3 type of Ultimate stat boost for any hard part of game ... and boy ... if you add Ultimate Full Armor potion in it ... the enemy only can do 1 digit damage ... 2 digit at most ... )
while for your damage ... (don't even ask ... it's a massacre ...)

BTW, I'm rarely use Melee ... and only use Magic Missile for most of time ...

User Info: Yariel

7 years ago#5
for Pet ...
I suggest a Dragon Elf since ...
1. Magic Missile have a fast cooling time
(in Pet case, it can even shoot flying enemy ... cool ...)
2. It have Magic Blast spell too
3. Pet don't have Mana bar , so it'll spawn magic endlessly ...
(If you reach Lv 30, the Limb for sale will reach "Perfect" grade, use save and load to get it)

if you use a bad grade of limb, the creature health will get lower as the time passed ...
"Perfect" grade of Head will give Lv 10 of skill
Ghoul have Melee skill
Goblin have ranged attack and fireball
Creature have HP bonuses (useless)
Dragon Elf have Magic Missile and Magic Blast ....

in the end, my char is a Wizard having more than enough Stat point ... and very resistance to attack too (only bosses can damage enough, that's even without any Boost potion)

User Info: CoarseDragon

7 years ago#6
Including the Aleroth Archmage Armor I have just over 60 points in intelligence. I have put lots of points in Magic Missile and at high level skill it fires off four missiles each doing 500 or more points of damage to several enemies. I use my pet (over 7000HP) as a fighter to tank for me as well as the demon summon. Two or three hits from a Magic Missile will take out almost anything. So going Mage with high INT. Is a good choice and back that up with two-weapon fighting that use Magic for melee attacks and it can be really fun.

User Info: Yariel

7 years ago#7
well, my Wizard goes with 2 hand fighting ....
but I use another set with Sword and Shield style ...

Reason is simple, for a stronger enemy that likes to maul MC directly in melee combat, then 2 handed weapon is quite a good choice since it might finish the enemy faster ... (I chug an armor potion too ...) kinda hate this kind of enemy ... Wizard status Style that driven from Int is naturally weak in melee attacker ... expecially the fierce one ... (I preparing Magic Blast and Ring of Fire just in case ... this 2 weapon have enhancement that will bad stat the enemy ) Fighter and rouge type definitely have an upper case with this thing ...

and for a wide battle with a lot of enemy range attacker ...
the Sword and Shield is better for survive ... (I put Lv.9 Enchantment for Ranged protection for the sword and the Shield, shield also have tendency to half or reduce ranged attack)
it's a quick battle tough, since for ranged case, the Magic Missile will fix most common enemy ...

User Info: Gioh

7 years ago#8
lvl25 now.
Using missiles, firewall and blasts mosttly. Lately a lot of bashig, as i switched to dual.
Int.stat 52.
Str.26 to use a shield. Tho i switched to duals. Legendary shields need to much str. stat.
Vitality is not so high, not needed to do so up till now, sufficient hitpoints.
manefficiency up to 50% cuz i do lots of magic attacks.
And skilled in stun, very handy in combo with the fireball: they all stand for 4 seconds eatin my

No real difference in fights actually. Only when there is a hardhitter do i bother to move around to not get killed.
Loads of aura on my gear, very nice to see em burn,shocked and get poisened.
And very funny to walk trough a flock of chicken....when your hungry.

Got more legendary now. But also some white legendary. I prefer 3 enchanting slots rather then 3 charms U can continously upgrade those. Hardly get any decent charms. Unless i would go to Aleroth i read somewhere in the forum here, to get to some dude who sells em. Most of my charm slots are empty. Cant well put a low lvl enchant on a beautifull legendary, nwo can i?

I admit to doin no stat/damgae calculation. If it allows me to kill, i kill. At the moment i find the game a bit easy, so im lookin for a heavy fight. (not in RL of course..i am a peaceful man)

User Info: CoarseDragon

7 years ago#9
Now you should go to Stone's Flying Fortress and try to get all the pieces for the Aleroth Archmage Armor. It gives really nice bonuses for a mostly mage type character build.

User Info: Skel1

7 years ago#10
Ever since upping explosive arrow this game became very easy in terms of battle.
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