Potions and formulas

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User Info: TonyTheTiger1

7 years ago#1
How do you make potions in this game? i tried to equip the formulas but it says that i don't meet the requirements even when i have the needed herbs for it.

Does it take some special place to be able to do em or some other missing item that i dont have?

User Info: TonyTheTiger1

7 years ago#2
Oh yeah another question, is there a stash somewhere where you can store items?

User Info: DarkMaster22

7 years ago#3
the first place where you can make potion is in the miller's basement
(key is in the pot)
also in your tower, which you get mid-way through the game, you can make potion & the storage is there as well.

User Info: Yariel

7 years ago#4
there's a magical tree in the Miller basement ...
the key well ... already been said ...
and ... if you talk to the tree ... all formula will be consumed (gone) ...
but the recipes for making it (talking to the tree) will be permanently unlocked ...
this also will be taken into your pharmacy after you get your battle tower ...

Note :
BTW, those tree (early pharmacy / alchemy) seems for a lower rank only ...
if you get another same formula (for potion) then the formula won't disappear from your backpack, you may sell that one, since it's useless ...
if you use "Potion Making" skill, then the amount of ingredient will be reduced ...

for formula of enchantment ...
there's enchanter at the far North West of the Broken Valley ...
same rule apply to this one ... except that no skill for gem reduction ...

User Info: TonyTheTiger1

7 years ago#5
great i must have missed that tree ill go back and look for it even if i dont have so many ginsengs yet its still nice to have them made in to pots instead. thanks again

User Info: Gioh

7 years ago#6
there is an item with charm +1 bonus.

I had it, never used it. I believe there is one with +1 potion-making too, but never seen it.

User Info: Gioh

7 years ago#7
Well, Ginsengs will be a problem till you get to higher level and can buy a stash of em.
Better be carefull not to use em all. Else you'll be buyin healthpotions at a price...

Ginseng is like Honey in MonsterHunter1 and 2. Lol.

Dnt give your malachite gems to the npc. (i did , and regretted it) Those are the most rare items in the game!

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