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User Info: NoobzRool

8 years ago#1
NA AO does/will not have the most english players, The community of this game is mainly in Air Rivals.

NA AO is full of egotistical JediMSkywalkers, Fygars, and Fadems (OH MY GOD THAY MENTIONED MY NAEM!!!!! IM SO KOOL!!!!!!) yes, you are, no really, im serious. Not being sarcastic, i swear, really.

Air Rivals is full of ***s (stupid gamefaqs and cursing rules). But despite that, the community is tightly knit, you'll have to weave your way in.

AR GM's actually do stuff and dont give players free bonuses.

NA AO GM's sugarcoat stuff and give the players free undeserved overpowered crap.

Basically, for future reference

Go to NA AO if you're a butthurt little wuss
Go to AR if you want to straight up earn your wings.

And just so you know, everyone at NA AO right now can suck me, you all fail. And if you'd like to disagree, come to AR and duel me. I'd be glad to accept, or are you to afraid to grind the hard way without the help of your little GMs?

User Info: McGuirex3

8 years ago#2
Greetings NoobzRool: Sorry for the redundant question, cuz I'm some what new to MMORPG's but what does (AR/NA) stand for? I'm quessing the (GM) is for (Game-Master) right? Anyway thanks in advance!! Happy-gaming & New-Year!!!!!!
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