Camera problem anyone?

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User Info: viceg

8 years ago#1

Hey, I wanted to start playing yesterday but I got really odd bug...

It's something wrong with camera, I see comming notes but I don't see when should I hit them... I think this image explains all:

I tried many different resolutions, also menu options but nothing helps...

HELP! As you can see, I can't play this game at all :/

User Info: jalec_blinkero

8 years ago#2
same thing here :S

User Info: dupapipachuj

8 years ago#3

weird thing: it depends on the vertical refresh rate. turn off forcing in video drivers or change it to 60hz (gh default i believe).

sucks for people with crt monitors, my eyes get strained much quicker. i have already opened a support ticket with aspyr.

User Info: jalec_blinkero

8 years ago#4
lol, suddenly.. it works for me.. XD and all i did was change the resolution to 1024*768.. (i used 800*600) and now it works =D xD

User Info: Owen

8 years ago#5
It is weird that they did not have that problem with Guitar Hero 3 on the PC since I would assume they both use the same game engine.
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  3. Camera problem anyone?

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