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User Info: D_l3anks_AK47

8 years ago#1
Hey guys, I got the game a couple of hours ago and its sweet. I know its not even officially out yet so i dont expect any guides to be out but im having a problem with the Riddler Challenge in the Cell Block Transfer "Hook Up with the relatives before your transfered out of here" Did anybody figure that one out yet? If you have your help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

User Info: jcapital

8 years ago#2
Yeah there's a family picture somewhere on a desk around there. Zoom in by clicking the right analog then analyze it.

User Info: Megatron1111

8 years ago#3
I dont have the game, but I'm guessing a phone
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User Info: D_l3anks_AK47

8 years ago#4
I dont know, Im searching everywhere and i dont see any desk. Could it be that it is on the otherside of the gate? Because on the side im on i dont see a desk anywhere. You seem like you solved it, can you tell me if it was on the otherside or was it on the side with the gargoyles? Thank you

User Info: Ryogu

8 years ago#5
Is that the one in Cash's room? If it is there is a picture on the desk

User Info: D_l3anks_AK47

8 years ago#6
Also im having trouble with the one in Intensive Treatment Lobby " A Puzzle has many sides, but only some are visible" I see a half question mark on a window in the office in the middle in detective mode, but i zoom in and scanned it but it says partially captured.

User Info: Mr_Pipboy

8 years ago#7
You need to have the ability to override the electric gates before you can get into Cash's office and scan his picture for the "Hook up with the family" (Get it, Hook, Family)

As for the question marks, you have to look for both parts of the question marks. I think that one you look out the window and it mates up with the dot on the bottom. But anyway, you're looking for marks on two surfaces in detective mode.

User Info: D_l3anks_AK47

8 years ago#8
Thanks mr pipboy, But i cant find the other half of the question mark, If its not too much trouble can you please tell me in which direction i should look and where to find it?

User Info: silverfoxx98

8 years ago#9
The the other part of the question mark is underneath the vent
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User Info: D_l3anks_AK47

8 years ago#10
So it seems i cant complete my original riddle at the moment, But thankfully Pipboy was right, if you guys have problems solving this one all you have to do is go into detective mode where the top half of the question mark is and look out the window, the dot is on the far wall. align it and scan it and you have completed that Riddle, Also the "You Dont Know Jack About Gotham" Riddle that comes right after this one is soved by scanning the radio. Just to put it out there. Thanks again.
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