Corrupt Save!

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User Info: caspian8

7 years ago#1
hi guys

i have just gone on to finish of batman as i was on the last battle and it has come up as 'Corrupt Save!' i haven't touched anything on my HD or settings and i let it auto save before i turned it off.... i am extremely annoyed and i do not expect to start the hole game again since i was just at the end... any ideas why this has happened

thanks for the help guys

User Info: WrestlingRPGfan

7 years ago#2
You shut the system down during an autosave.
It's a shame more don't think like you. - twisted dogma

User Info: GENESIS_2012

7 years ago#3

Exact same thing happened to me. Got to the last battle on hard mode, then when i left and came back i had "corrupt save" im well pi$$ed because im starting it all over again. It most probably needs an update because i know i didnt shut down in middle of autosave.

User Info: boondockmick

7 years ago#4
Are you exiting to the dashboard before you turn your system off. After it saves, wait a second or two, exit to the main menu, then to the dashboard, then turn off your system, always.

User Info: Tatimus

7 years ago#5
Is this some kind of joke? In all of my years playing video games (hint: I've played A LOT of games), I have never had a corrupted save. I shut this off last night on the challenge mode screen after getting a gold in sewer(extreme). There was no save icon to be found, as it seems to only save after you are finished with the challenge. Absolutely horrific save system anyways. There is no reason to not let us manually save in this game. Is there a fix for this?

User Info: coneko

7 years ago#6
you know what its more annoying than getting the corrupt save file? to read the stupid replies of people "you turned off the console while it was saving", saying it like a fact. well like me many guys had this trouble and no, we didnt turned off the console while it was saving. (its not the only game with autosave). it happened to me when i had 5% of the game, i quit the game, saw how much i had completed and then i turned it off. when i played it again i had the problem. so this can happen for no apparent reason. im now in 97% and i have been saving my file on the hard drive and on a memory stick.

User Info: Tatimus

7 years ago#7
Thankfully I had finished the game on hard, but I was working on getting gold on all the challenge rooms and had over half done. I was still working on Shock and Awe (Extreme) though, which is the toughy. The fact that there isn't a master game save file is a gross oversight. I mean, welcome to 1990 Rocksteady.

User Info: Sage JJ

Sage JJ
7 years ago#8
I wanna know if something is going on. I turned it on to play last night and I had corrupted save data. I have never gotten it before on any game and always make sure its finished saving before turning any game off. I was only 30% complete in the game but still I really dont wanna start over as I found alot of hidden stuff and had quite a few upgrades.

Dont know if this is against tos or not so I apologize if it is.

I just locked Harley up in her cell, is there any save data that starts around this area so I dont have to redo everything?

User Info: Abulon99

7 years ago#9

Love the game so far, but I'v got the corrupt save too at 30%!This is a MAJOR bug and should be fixed fast or I will sell this game even if it is truly beautifull!

User Info: ravenr6s

7 years ago#10

I just had this happen to me a second time. First time i was only at Bane so i didnt think too much of it, but then it happened to me again when i was at 74% !!!! I almost threw my controller through my tv. Doing some research, i think the issue is the screen after u die where it says retry or quit. Even though there is no save icon on the corner, i think its still saving the game and since most people will turn off the console after they die, this is probably when its corrupting the save. Im so pissed right now, good thing Need for speed shift comes out cause i dont wanna play through batman again at the moment. I hope microsoft is reading these and comes up with an update to fix it fast

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