The weak point in this game was Detective Mode

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  3. The weak point in this game was Detective Mode

User Info: ledbowman

7 years ago#11
It's not the game's fault that you don't toggle it on and off as needed.

User Info: kylehow

7 years ago#12
You do realize how impossble some of the rooms would have been with no detective mode, dont you?

That's just a question of design. The way the game is currently designed, there would be no way to complete some of the challenges.

I think DM was pretty lazy too, and for most of the same reasons. Having a HUD is one thing, having infinite X-ray vision with no consequences is God Mode. I would have enjoyed it a lot more (and felt a lot more like Batman) had the designers come up with a better solution than DM.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the game, I just think it would have been more fun and more Batman-like to have a negative tradeoff to using God Mode.

Like in AVP, if anybody else played that on PC way back when. The Predator had multiple vision modes that were each a great strength and a great weakness at the same time depending on how you used them.

It's like the designers never asked themselves the simple question "Why would Batman ever turn Detective Mode off, given these circumstances?" He wouldn't, he would hold every advantage he could at all times.

User Info: PokeLord473

7 years ago#13
You know what, for all those who don't like DM, there IS an off button. Just use it when the game prompts you to follow a trail or for getting Riddler trophies, then turn it off. It's similar to the echo location system in The Dark Knight. I personally didn't like fighting thugs with it on, it messed me up. As far as DM making enemies easier to locate, well duh! That's why Bruce uses the tech he does. To stay alive!
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User Info: novelaa

7 years ago#14
gosh..i dont know why these complaints about being detective mode and not enjoying the "full color game"
the ONLY part where you need to use DM is when you enter a room full of thugs (like the challenge rooms) and think how to approach the situation.
i used the detective mode while you were at crocs lair ???

User Info: Gibberling007

7 years ago#15
DM was crucial for the challenges (unless you wanted this to be like metroid where you go around batclawing walls until you find a breakable one.. eff that) It extended the life of the game.

DM was necessary for the part where you had to put explosive gel on two walls to save the doctor, which was very creative.

DM helped you see which guards had guns and which didn't... which was extremely important for my little 26 inch tv. Maybe you can see guns more clearly on a 40+ inch, but otherwise I wouldn't be able to tell until they were shooting me.

I don't see why you're griping so much, just turn it off if you don't want to use it.
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User Info: cujo3

7 years ago#16
it would have been nice to see the crime scene investigation similar to condemned 2, where u have to make a series of deductions to find the correct method of tracking. but incredible game despite the hand holding.
don't sweat the technique.
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7 years ago#17
It's not that I don't want to use it. I want to use it too much. It's too good to not use. It makes you wonder why there's a normal vision mode. In Splinter Cell you had several vision modes, but each had a drawback. You could see heat, but not cold things. You could easily highlight moving objects, but static objects were fuzzy and dark. You could see electrical signals, but then the whole screen was covered in wires and transmissions.
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User Info: ledbowman

7 years ago#18
WingspanTT wrote:

"3. It takes away from the aesthetic of the game"


"It makes you wonder why there's a normal vision mode."

Cannot be pleased.

User Info: D_Gryphon

7 years ago#19
Don't use it then.
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User Info: Janpei

7 years ago#20
It is a very valid argument. I thought Detective Mode was neat, but it really did mess with the aesthetic value. I know the simple solution would be not to use it, but as Wingspan said, it's so good why wouldn't you use it. Overall I don't think Detective Mode was a bad idea, there just has to be a way to implement Detective Mode into the next game (we know there's going to be one) without obscuring the vision of the work at hand.

It's almost like Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. An amazingly designed game for its time. I still think it looks better than most current gen games. That doesn't change the fact that you spend 3/4s of the game in Night Vision Mode.
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  3. The weak point in this game was Detective Mode

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