Holding cells

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User Info: leon3k

8 years ago#1
Hey Im trying to do all the E Nigma parts and when I get to the holding cells there is a green question mark that floats between both sides of the room but I don't know what it is its not a riddle puzzle because nothing comes up anyone know what it is?

User Info: checkmateIXX

8 years ago#2
that's in the penitentiary. just go in the guard room and there is vent there that i think you could take down with a batclaw or it could be open. i forgot.
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User Info: Darkmagic3

8 years ago#3
Do you mean a question mark kind of painted on the walls? That is a riddle. You have to find the top and bottome of it and form a comlete question mark then scan it.
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User Info: konfuzedrebel

8 years ago#4

actually you have to go down the elevator shaft. that question mark is the riddle about the "jonathon crane elevated fear blah blah." theres a vent there at the bottom, pull it off crawl and hold l2 to scan the scarcrow room. and voila! one riddle solved.

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User Info: leon3k

8 years ago#5
Yeah thanks man it was the scarecrow one you have to get through the lifts but the ? is in the holding cells thats why it crossed over thanks anyway guys

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