Was Joker breaking the 4th wall?

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  3. Was Joker breaking the 4th wall?

User Info: canefaitrien

8 years ago#1
"Stand back, fool, I've got a bomb!"

As I see it, nobody was there except Batman. But saying "stand back" to Batman would be redundant since he wasn't approaching the Joker at all. Besides, "Bat Jokes" would've been more appropriate in his situation.

And he said it at the exact moment the camera FIRST laid focus on him (i.e. OUR eyes first laid focus on him).

So, in a sense, he was telling us to stand back.

Or was I just imagining things?

He did have a history of breaking 4th walls, correct?

Oh well.
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User Info: bluemog9

8 years ago#2
I felt he was breaking the fourth wall also when he says over the intercom:
I'm watching you all. Even you. Yes, you!
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User Info: Goldsickle

8 years ago#3
Not surprising, since Joker always breaks the 4th wall in the comics and animated series.
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User Info: its_matt

8 years ago#4
It sounded to me when he said "I'm watching you all. Even you. Yes, you!" over the loud speaker he was just talking to any one in the Asylum who was listening to make them paranoid, I did not get the impression he was talking to the gamer

User Info: Kyra-Kotsu

8 years ago#5
There was one point were if you went to the visitor center where tells jokes over the TV dummy he would start to tell Batman the joke he told in "The Killing Joke".

"So there are these two lunatics in an asylum and...Oh, you've heard that one already?"
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User Info: Sol4688

8 years ago#6
... I'm pretty sure in the beginning, he's unconscious, and he's waking up in the batmobile, just rambling to himself.

Didn't seem like 4th wall breaking to me.
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User Info: JPSTheBigFella

8 years ago#7
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User Info: ecubball

8 years ago#8
What Sol4688 said. It's pretty clear he was delirious from being knocked around a bit by Bats, and was just mumbling to himself.

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User Info: mbrinton138

8 years ago#9
I don't recall a time in Batman or Detective Comics continuity that Joker broke the 4th wall...
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User Info: DerrickUltima

8 years ago#10
I felt like he was just intentionally playing up the "out of my mind" thing so Bats wouldn't suspect that his capture was completely intentional.
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  3. Was Joker breaking the 4th wall?

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