Ripped cape?

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User Info: axionbutton

7 years ago#1
i'm about a quarter of the way through the game, and i noticed Batmans cape is torn on the right side and decidedly frayed at the bottom as well. does this happen by default or some sort of cruel punishment for dying multiple times?

User Info: ShadowSlicer117

7 years ago#2
Nah thats just the effect of being rammed through a wall by Bane.


User Info: TrueGhostRider

7 years ago#3
Batman's Batsuit gets more and more damaged as you progress through the story.
Former fan of Ghost Rider.

User Info: axionbutton

7 years ago#4
right on. i was hoping it wasn't a side effect of dying or else i'd be screwed by the end of the game

User Info: Eoghann

7 years ago#5

It's like Ghosts N' Goblins. You lose armor as you get too much damage. Ultimately Batman will end up in his boxers.

. . .

I was hoping for more battle damage to be honest. But it never gets too severe.

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