Help with corner cover

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User Info: jonnyhibbert

8 years ago#1
Ok so i think my problem is that i cant use control and space together?? Is this normal, and if so how do i work around it so that i can use corner cover?
Im up to the part you have to use it on Zsasz and it just doesnt work for me...and it doesnt look like i can change the controls. Any help??

User Info: giocare

8 years ago#2
Do you have a POS keyboard that only lets you press one button at a time?

User Info: Protoman_V3

8 years ago#3
^that made me lol
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User Info: Bubba1989

8 years ago#4
Because, you know, keyboards don't expect you to use the control button with other buttons :B

I have no idea why that wouldn't work. Try not pressing a WSAD button with it, if you are? I know I can't hold W and Space and then hit X for detective mode (I have to release spacebar), it could be similar.
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User Info: rocket_master

8 years ago#5
Or you could get a mechanical keyboard that allows you to press an infinite amount of buttons simultaneously. On my "normal" keyboard I can press up to 5 buttons at the same time.

User Info: fernando_Kpo

8 years ago#6
get a joystick

User Info: xan46

8 years ago#7
I suggest a wired xbox controller.

User Info: hez_90

8 years ago#8
I had the same problem too.
Just remap the crouch button to another key instead of left control using the Bmlauncher . Then its working.
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