help with PS2 USB controller setup

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User Info: DiMiKxX

7 years ago#1
hey guys. been a long time since ive posted on here.

im not a huge fan of keyboard/mouse controls for adventure games, so i've decided to use my controller instead.

i'm having a problem with the controller settings.

i have a dualshock 2, ps2 controller attached to my PC (windows 7, 64bit) via USB adapter.

i'm using the JoytoKey application which lets you bind keyboard commands to the ps2 joypad. it works great, i've used it for multiple games like street fighter 4 for example.

i would like to MIMIC the ps3 controls. however, there seems to be a problem...i can't bind certain keys more than once. for example, "quick batarang" is supposed to be when you TAP L1 (which i bound to a random keyboard key), but i want L1 to also be "aim" when you HOLD it, just like on the console version.

is there any way around this? how can i mimic it exactly like the console version? ive heard of people plugging in the xbox 360 controller and it working fine. i've also heard of a 360 controller emulator, but i'm not sure how that works...

any help is greatly appreciated.


do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you have now was once among the things you only hoped for. - epicurus.

User Info: THE__END

7 years ago#2
I just now beat the game a few minutes ago using a PS2 controller throughout the entire game. I did not encounter any problems at all with my configuration.

I mapped the quick batarang to the left arrow button. I mapped the aim to triangle.

Now, spirits, grant me the strength to finish this... one... final prey...
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  3. help with PS2 USB controller setup

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