Overlord 1 vs. Overlord 2! *spoilers*

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User Info: nwwo

8 years ago#1

So i just finished the overlord 2, and id like to write down what i liked more in the new game, and hear all of your opinions as to which game was better.

Overlord 2 pros:

-Multiple mistresses

-Domination (though kind of annoying)

-Slightly smarter minions

-Story and setting

-No more annoying dead ghost elves (replaced by annoying dancing live ones /cry)

-End boss was more ironic, funnier, but more annoying

-The best improvement by far though, was the new way of forging weapons and armor, it was 1000% better then Overlord 1, even with the glitch in the original


-There were some VERY annoying things, for example the increase in mobs that throw bombs and stuff

-While i liked the whole formation idea, it was a bit hard for me to beat on certain occasions, though maybe i was just doing something wrong...

-Some of the quests were just unecessarilly annoying, for example using the spiders to run up the wall

-A huge lack of spells compared to Overlord 1 imo... The only spell worth using is the target spell that either dominates villagers or kills them.. i never used a spell in combat though

To sum it up i liked this game more, the whole empire thing was cool, and i liked having 3 mistresses instead of having rose vs. velvet. I also liked how the emperor turned out at the end, and there were many scenes that made me chuckle (inbetween grinding my teeth at the other annoying factors of the game). The game definetally felt a lot harder/annoying then the first one.. But my only real complaint is, that Overlord 2 felt more like an expansion pack, with a new story and slightly better graphics, it didn't exactly feel like an entierly new game...

Anyway thx for reading and plz tell me what you guys thought of this! Also ty to everyone who posted in my other threads, helping me out with a few places where i got stuck / had a question

User Info: Hazzerz

8 years ago#2

Overlord 2 cons:

Brain dead enemy AI

Pathfinding issues up the !@#

Boring quests, boring missions

Bland and uninteresting puzzles

Minions are idiots, they don't control nearly as well as they did in the first.

Camera was programmed by 3rd graders

Taking over towns is just a ridiculous chore, there's absolutely no fun in it

Spells have no use at all, there's no point even using them

Texture pop in and clipping issues

Elves elves and more elves

I honestly have nothing good to say about this game, I have never been more disappointed by a sequel. I was such a huge fan of the original too. It tries a few different things at least, too bad it gets nothing right.

User Info: Koosbing

8 years ago#3

New types of gameplay in the possession and mounts for minions.


Very few enemy types. Leaving out the empire troops, there are about a dozen creature types in the game.

User Info: shawnmck

8 years ago#4
I haven't beaten the game yet, so I'll just post on what I think thus far...

I too like the way you can forge new items (although the first one wasn't bad either)
The way you can ride wolves & spiders
Minions say new things

I personally preferred the dark tower, & don't like the way you ride floating rocks to get around (but its still okay).
The story is a bit goofier than the first one (& not in a good way, but thats just my opinion).
I don't like the way the overlord looks with his green & blue parts of his costume (in the original you got more silver looking by being good, & darker & black for being bad). I haven't noticed much of a change in appearance, even though I've donned a new armor. (plus I really hate the blue/red color scheme...reminds me of Superman).
I personally feel that the first one had better level design, but thats just my opinion.
Also, the people look stranger this time around. Not all of them, but there are quite a few with exaggerated features (it just looks wierd).

I am thinking that the first one is better in some ways, while this one is better in others. I didn't much care for Overlord 2 at first, but am starting to enjoy it more. But I still have issues with some of the story elements & character designs (from the roman-esque leaders & generals, to the fairies & elves, all the way down to the overlord himself, & others).

User Info: Chibirazi

8 years ago#5
Lets see(as people just hijacked the topic to make their own pro/con lists I guess Im going to do the same):

-far bettter minion pathfinding,no more minions getting stuck somewhere so that you simply cant control them till you resummon your whole horde somewhere
-sweep additions to the different minions/mounts made for a little more tactical variety although it still is pretty much a on-rail game which either ends in you utilizing the one needed minion characteristic or ramming your head against a wall trying to beat the enemies the normal way
-mounts also add some tactic variety(the few times you actually get to use them)
-minion possession gives some funny new insights,although very poorly executed for some parts,as a green you cant ambush for example
-again some very funny phrases
-overly cute fluffy thingys(yes Im getting a little desperate to find more positive points,but they really made me go "awwwwww the first time around)

-no new minion types(the addition of mounts and most sweep abilitys were used very sparingly so I wouldnt consider them to be relevant during the normal game-course)
-only 3 landscapes(very disappointing)
-just a handful different(and boring at that)enemy types of which most were either reused from the first game or just the same unit with a different models(ie the different legionary types which basicly were only 4 different ones and that already includes commanders and gigantors)
-parody aspect which the first game heavily relayed on barely existed and mostly only about the roman culture(also very disappointing after the great fun they made about all the fantasy-clichees in the first game)
-boring and even less developed mistresses(I expected something more varied and exotic,what it actually boiled down to in the end was:country-pumpkin,rich-girl and Mrs."zomg Im so evil")
-also no more rocking the tower and a associated funny cutscene with your chosen mistress)
-very plain and boring boss-fights which all at last to me proposed no challenge at all,hell the last boss was easily beatable with a red minion alone
-unimaginative and rather useless "governing" of occupied city´s,there really wasnt much interactivity here,very disappointing when even games like scarface 2 could make a better meta-game
-lose of upgrade feature for your armor and weapons
-lose of arena(which makes playing post-game pretty useless as there are basicly no more enemies around)
-new Overlords-armor design looks more like that of a savage than of a badass Overlord,especially compared to 1
-lame story,the main villain certainly wasnt as great as the 7 Heroes(in fact after the rather unimaginative "twist" at the end it comes to mind how freaking annoying he is over the whole game course,not even funny annoying,just annoying annoying)
-no mention of the first Overlord,he would have made for a much better main villain =/ (also I really wanted to see my former self,must be pretty badass now with his skelleton army,would have made for some great new minions for the second game too);I guess thats what they are planning for a expansion or something

the game was still a great deal of fun but really not as enjoyable as the first one

User Info: shawnmck

8 years ago#6
^ I pretty much agree.
I also found the first Overlord to be more fun overall.
I also feel that the sequel just got plain weird at times.
The whole Roman thing wasn't done very well either, imho.

User Info: Cough_II

8 years ago#7
My impressions of the game after completing it was that it lacked that childish dark humour of the original, the only time I felt that dug it's way out of the game was when I was sneaking into the catapult fort, and the minions started humming the tune from the great escape.

Oh and that bloody spider lift event really irritated me.
"this isnt repeated ive done it twice.
With this logic, maybe you should quit life now before things get ugly." - cloudstrife8

User Info: ForteX245

8 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: sobachka

8 years ago#9
The roman soldiers with shields were neat in the first level. I did not enjoy fighting them all through the entire game.

User Info: magicberyl

8 years ago#10
no new minions is a pain,
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