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User Info: rocket_master

8 years ago#1
Why do my buildings keep catching on fire?

User Info: waterghost

8 years ago#2

Something to do with crime.........

first they drain your buildings' health, eventually those buildings will catch on fire.....

User Info: madshilde

8 years ago#3
I hate much I stopped playing. Every 2 minutes a building will catch fire. I research the prefectures (spell) from the school...but when I build those buildings they will get burned down...I don't know what to do then.

User Info: benh316

8 years ago#4

It takes some getting used to. THe reason why we have fires is because the mob is so pissed off at you that it burns buildings in riots.

You need to research irrigation, mining, and wood cutting technologies before you can do anything else (prefectures and religious temples). So I suggest making sure you have a high percentage of food and entertainment happiness before even considering building Prefectures with Equite housing

User Info: madshilde

8 years ago#5
Alright, thanks for the tip...another problem I have is that it seems like randomly the workers stop working even though I DID press "start working" (thumps up) only 5 minutes ago. Is that because of lack of (can't ´remember the name of the buildings workers lives in)

User Info: Anguille02

8 years ago#6

The gameplay is very different from any other CB. Be sure to always be in plus and build houses before workplaces:

You can see a quick playthrough of the first mission of the demo here:


User Info: vmp0514

8 years ago#7
I've played the demo a few times thru now and my advice to avoid fires is...

A) Make sure all your housing has access to food, entertainment, and religion.
B) Make sure there are no vacant buildings or a high unemployment rate by building too many houses.

A slow, steady building style will get you to that large prestigous city, it just takes a bit of work before you get there.

To start, build 2-4 plebs and then a logging camp and brickmaker. Then I plop down a pig farm and wheat farm. I build a few more pleb houses, then add the water mill and bakery for the wheat farm and a butcher for the pig farm. (You can build a farmer's market that will use raw wheat and meat from the farm, but your food satisfaction won't be as high).

Once you get the above running, I look for stone and iron mines, droping only the MINIMUM houses I need 1-2 to get the mines working, then use a farmer's market if the butcher / bakery isn't close enough. Build Religion and entertainment buildings. I also build the asthetics that give you 5-10 entertainment by those buildings on the outskirts in case my main arena isn't near them. If I'm low on money I build multiple Saturn temples.

From here you should have a sizable pleb force, I tried slaves once but I didn't like it because my output was not high where I used them. This is when I start building the Forum and the other types of housing to get the military going. You may have to build a second or third brickmaker / logger and/or research the trees to keep up your building supply. (Build a school for researching).

Hopefully this helps a little, I am enjoying the game, much more so than Imperium Romanum and Glory of The Roman Empire. The hardest thing to get used to is proper building placement (when and where), something I didn't have to worry about much in Casaer 4.

User Info: Sabomoth

8 years ago#8
Lack of water also seems to be a major contributing factor to fires.

User Info: Talus057

8 years ago#9
This is a bit absurd. I was fine until suddenly at random my only outpost caught on fire. The entire hour was completely wasted because of this one silly game mechanic. Why keep playing? Oh, right, I bought the game... *rolls eyes*

User Info: Talus057

8 years ago#10
I am going to cheat and give myself prefecture immediately. SO THERE! I SAID IT!!!
*waits for lightning bolts to strike*

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