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User Info: asdafad

8 years ago#11
researching prefectures is not a problem... nor is building them.
however, if the prefectures start burning down themselves, its just ridiculous. the area has no crime, no unemployed or unpopulated buildings. only thing it doesnt have is water coverage. what the hell? do i have to build them in pairs now??

User Info: atamus1

8 years ago#12
once i figured out how to control fires i dont see fires at all. im 4 campaigns deep and fire is never an issue unless i let things get out of hand. it took me like 4-5 times playing the first campaign and slowly figuring this game out before i was able to start making progress. you just have to keep up with food entertainment and water for plebs, and then once you can start producing goods and only once that happens start making homes for equites.
unemployment is also a big problem for fires so just try to make sure youre building everything at the same time. start building the workplace then shortly after start building the home for the family thats going to work there just to reduce crime and chances of fires.
i usually dont even build a prefecture and fire isnt a problem. prefectures put out fires that happen, but if you can control your happiness and crime then fires never start.

User Info: Talus057

8 years ago#13
Slowly building 1 house for 1 building at a time seems to avoid any fires. I also kept on building aesthetics and made a temple of jupiter one of my priorities early on. I did have a couple fires but it wasn't so bad as having an outpost on fire with nothing to put it out with. Since then I have also made a priority of building a 2nd outpost incase the 1st outpost is in trouble, I always have the 2nd one. It's kind of annoying but I kind of like it being so annoying because I think in the past these sort of games were a bit too easy.

User Info: atamus1

8 years ago#14
i do think for the most part games like this are too easy and its nice that this game is at least keeping you in check in terms of how fast you can expand and build. gotta say this is the first game in a long time that the first board took me more than a single try to beat so thats in my opinion makes the game a little better.

User Info: dobermanndru

8 years ago#15
It's rather bizarre... There's no way that, in real life, such a colonial population would effectively commit suicide (there'd be a natural counter, backlashing up against the anarchists). I've been following all the advice, going through with the correct procedures, according to videos, but the population just keeps burning all their own places of employment and housing, until they literally snuff themselves out of existence.

I can imagine people getting fed up and emigrating away, but not unleashing so many fires, that everyone seems to have a pyromaniac fixation.

It's making me heavily regret ever having got this.

User Info: zeratulthedt

8 years ago#16
It's just not a good mechanic.

As a developer, it's a bad idea to slap people's hands for poor management by destroying the civilization they're building.

"Hey, your plebes are unhappy and you're clearly new. The solution? RAZE YOUR CITY TO THE GROUND BIAAAATCH!"

User Info: Ginjur

8 years ago#17
** "Hey, your plebes are unhappy and you're clearly new. The solution? RAZE YOUR CITY TO THE GROUND BIAAAATCH!" **

LOL!. =D

User Info: G_Moonii

8 years ago#18
Yes, It seems to be random fires and I had to 4 firehouse in one area then firehoues would catch on fire and it seems to be the some buildings too. I had no mobs, no lack of materials and no reasons for the fires but still I got fires. I think there is another factor that I not yet found, maybe like the number of buildings or population???

User Info: Helloiseeu

8 years ago#19

Happiness+employment+wells+prefectures=fire shortages

User Info: pyromanthe3rd

8 years ago#20
i think it takes more then just getting used to, whether or not you have to stick to a certain regime.the problem with the game is you have no time to relax and really get into it,why?, because of the shear amount of fires. the game is more like and old arcade from the 80`s,
do this, do that, to prevent the whole fricckin place from burning down. the game producers have little knowledge of the roman empire overall.. i doubt very few people even the pissed off, would be setting fires so often especially during the time of Nero and a few other roman leaders, unless the were sadistic and loved there private parts readily inflamed get it ?..readily inflamed,, not to mention gladiator bait and having there bodies stretched out of every joint, and there responsible members cut off.besides lets get real,no one in there own mind during those times would want to destroy any possible chances of them or there families to survive
actually the game spot review on this very mixed up game was kind.

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