this game is a hell

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User Info: rocket_master

8 years ago#11

Apparently the full game's... "fire propagation" was toned down quite a bit. I've heard that if you understand the core gameplay elements now you should never see a fire, unless you're negligent.

User Info: MxM

8 years ago#12

I can't find insta-win button. Where is it?

User Info: EL_GAMER

8 years ago#13
I played 4 hours without a single fire. Here;s what i did:
1. Patched it to v1.10
2. Made a lot of food, entertainment and religion ( averaging 70%, 50% and 45% respectively)
3. Resources in positive numbers (except slaves).
AMD64 2x/5600 2.9ghz, MSI NX8800GT 512mb-OC, 2 gig Kingston pc800 DDR2 SDRAM, 7 fans, AMD780gPRO mobo , Antec TP 2.0, 480w psu (33amp net rating), Winxp 32 sp2

User Info: L42yB

8 years ago#14
OK, I get that I'm possibly one of the only people left on the planet who still reads the game manual, but it really is not difficult to prevent fires from happening.

Here is how it works. Please read this before complaining again that you're buildings are on fire ;)

Fires start for 2 reasons:

1) (At least) One of you residential houses is unsatisfied.
2) One of your non-residential buildings has no employees.

I'll deal with these one at a time. For the first point, residents become criminals if their most basic needs are not met. These are very specific for each cast:

- Plebs only need food to be happy. An empoyed pleb needs at least 10% food satisfaction. An unemployed pleb needs at least 30% food satisfaction (which means at least 2 food sources). NOTE: You do not need to supply plebs with entertainment or religion. You can, but they won't riot without it.
- Equites need food and entertainment to be happy. Again, only 10% is required provided they are employed.
- Patricians need food, entertainment and religion.

Provided you can keep all the casts happy, you will never have any crime. And therefore, you will never have any fires as a result of crime.

The second point is much easier to address. Just make sure that ALL non-residential buildings that you make have employees. Buildings become shaded darker when they have no employees and you can use the information panel to keep track of how things are accross your whole city.

That's it. Make sure everyone has what they need and that all buildings have employees. If you do this, you will never have a fire. All the above information was taken straight from the game manual, so the info was always there for those of you who didn't pirates ;)


User Info: pyromanthe3rd

8 years ago#15
any one gaming company that use`s excuses such as the people are pissed off because that is why all your buildings burn,
is not looking out for the gamer but can come up with such a lame excuse,,want your money and not your satisfaction..

User Info: L42yB

8 years ago#16
How can people say nonsense like "making a game challenging is not looking out for the player???"

I have completed the campaign now and quite enjoyed it. If anything, I found the game to be a bit too easy really...

Also, to the guy who complained about his outpost burning down, the reason was also in your post. You had 15 of 16 plebs employed. If employment is not at 100% then your buildings will burn. It's not that difficult to comprehend, is it?

User Info: primatepancakes

8 years ago#17
i've only had fires start once and i've done probably 6-7 cities so far...just keep people fed and working and they wont start fires, its really not that hard.

User Info: GidoOnline

8 years ago#18

After the patch an a lot of patience i begin to understand the concept.

The only teriible thing is the fire's.

You can prevent it by a Prefecture but therefore you need Equites.

What is minus in the game is that there is the nightwhat makes it very difficult to play during daytime.

Any advize?


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