SecuROM launcher has stopped working

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User Info: luka123

8 years ago#1

Is anyone else geting this error? i am running it on Windows Vista 64x, SP1.

I was so damn looking forward to this game and now this! I look around the internet and there is not much help.

hope you will solve the problem, BYE!:)

User Info: Travis281

8 years ago#2

If you've pirated the game, you've done something wrong.

User Info: Vanion72

8 years ago#3
STREET FIGHTER IV has stopped working. I can't get this thing to work. Please help me.


8 years ago#4

I just bought the game aswell and have ran into the same problem with vista! Any ideas? wow would like to play something i just bought

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  3. SecuROM launcher has stopped working

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