How do I set a waypoint for my helicopter?

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  3. How do I set a waypoint for my helicopter?

User Info: ChuckNorris5

8 years ago#1

User Info: gomiamiu1216

8 years ago#2
You set a way point for it just like a marine. Make sure if you aren't making it take off then you set it to flying not in formation or none.

User Info: Marquis

8 years ago#3
This is, of course, presuming you or others aren't aware of this --

1 -- Spawn an empty chopper in the editor. Name it whatever you want (e.g. evac1). Now spawn a pilot and/or crewchiefs.

2 -- Make the pilot the lead unit of the group (make him a Lieutenant or some such) and give him a "MOVE" waypoint right in front of him.

3 -- Then make a "Get In" waypoint (might be extraneous) over the chopper.

4 -- Then start placing your waypoints where you like.

The idea is that you can set your AI pilot to wait for your radio call before he boards and flies to the LZ.

To do this, open the Pilots UNIT stats (F1) and in his INIT field type "this assignasdriver evac1"

Here things can start to get complicated, if it's an attack chopper you can spawn a second pilot and type "this moveingunner evac1" so he will start in the gunner seat.

With a Uh-1Y or similar transport, you can do the same but then add a third guy and type "this moveinturret [evac1, [1]]. That will have both turrets (what happened to the miniguns?!) occupied. It might take some experimentation to get it right depending on the heli, here's a better exp. --

Then when you have all your crewman set up, create a trigger, F3, and set axis a AND b to 0 range (keep it clean, plus a "0" range trigger will activate anywhere on the map). Activation should be set to Radio "X" of your choice. Then synchronise the trigger to the very first MOVE waypoint.

Now, when you call for Radio "x" the Pilot will board the chopper and take off and follow your pre-selected flight path.

Having him land and recover your team is a different matter but if you want to know just say so.
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User Info: Inficius

8 years ago#4
Or if you don't want to make an in depth mission you can simply spawn a helicopter with the crew already inside and give them the waypoint.
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User Info: Malkovich_

8 years ago#5
Yeah, spawning the chopper and pilot separately is highly unnecessary. Just spawn a chopper in the air and immediately give him a waypoint. Pretty simple

User Info: ChuckNorris5

8 years ago#6
Ah, thanks guys.

User Info: Marquis

8 years ago#7
I do it that way for a reason: I like to start at the LZ or start elsewhere and be inserted at the LZ (call me a romantic). Either way, most of the missions I make are sniper teams or small squads.

A typical mission might take ~10 minutes to reach the AO, another ~10-15 to accomplish the objective and I usually set my extraction point well away from the target. This way I can take my time and not have to worry about the chopper just sitting there wasting fuel. Especially if you've got all the Arma 1 maps, you can really play with them like you should have been able to in Arma 1.

An even easier way is to set a trigger to activate once you reach a certain point; which will also send you a message. It's something like titletext ["message,"] plaintext, or something. You can then further script it (if you want) so you can throw a smoke grenade where you want your heli to land.

That's getting a bit complicated. One thing to remember is that you should set a waypoint [speed, limited] just shy of the "LOAD" waypoint. That way the heli will come in fast and then slow just shy of the LZ.

Another tip -- Once the heli is inbound and you know it has passed it's "limited" waypoint, hit space and order your men to board the heli. This will ensure the chopper lands at the invisible H you've placed and wait for all of you to board before taking off.

It still amazes me, I've got a mission on Sahrani where the chopper both drops and retrieves in a small clearing between several buildings without fail. I should post that mission as a demo.
Turning the car into oncoming traffic is counter-productive.
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  3. How do I set a waypoint for my helicopter?

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