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User Info: hama666

8 years ago#1

Got the game today, love it so far but the one thing thats driving me insane is the flight controls, I just dont get them! Now bear in mind that I've never played a flight simulator - heck I cant even control the choppers in the GTA games nevermind aircraft in games like Battlefield. However Im determined to get them right this time so I would appreciate a little help.

Can someone please explain how the flying works? I dont know what autohover or putting flaps up or down means, and I cant seem to slow down a plane for landing. I also cant seem to fly straight as my plane/helicopters nose just tilts all the way up and if I try to balance it im greeted with a nice crash.

Im also confused by what the controls means, theres like 50 different controls for the helicopter, all im really familiar with is ascending and descending.

Tips please :( !

User Info: MPHhunter

8 years ago#2
Go to the training, and there should be some helicopter training. It really helped me when I was trying to get the hang of flying(and the rest of the game) when I was new to BIS's milsims.

User Info: hama666

8 years ago#3
Thats the thing, I cant even do the training lol. The controls dont make sense to me.

User Info: Fenix16

8 years ago#4
Change them. I had to change almost all of the flight controls so that they were more similar to a traditional flight sim (ex mouse left rolls left, rather than uses the left rudder).
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User Info: isles4life11

8 years ago#5

helicopters are pretty complicated its not like fixed wing aircraftwhere you ahve the throttle and stick. with a helicopter you have your cyclic (which controls the pitch and rolls of the aircraft) your collective (think of it as a throttle, but in actuallity it chages angle of the blades to produce more or less lift) and you pedals (think of it as a boat rudder....steers your ass end left or right)

a helicopter is not like a plane (if thats what youre trying to fly) if you nose up a helo you wontgain altitude like you would in a plane, youwill fall to the ground because youre blades arent providing any lift. so you have to add collective (throttle if you will) to keep you from falling like a rock outta the sky. to speed up you nose down and provide collective cuz if you just nose forward, youll eventually meet the ground and there goes theneigborhood pedals are for yaw (flat tuning/spinning). turning is esentially the same as a plane,just add power if you drop. i dunno its kinda hard to explain this to people but ive been in the army for 5 years and i work on apaches so i kinda grasp this pretty well...but i cant wait to fly around in the cobra in this game watching the videos on youtube almost made me drool

this response was probably way too indepth but if you understand how an actual helicopter works youll probably be able to understand how to fly it easier...i mean this game is supposed to be super realistic from what i understand so yeah....

User Info: hama666

8 years ago#6
Haha, from the very first sentence I could tell you're military. Your mini-tutorial did sound abit too indepth but there some points in there that will no doubt help me, thanks.

User Info: GenTom

8 years ago#7
press Q to ascend. Tilt the helicopter forward with W and combine that with Q to keep you at about a 30-45 degree forward angle. Slow down by pressing S instead of W until your level. Press Z to descend.

X and C are pedals to rotate left or right horizontally. A and D roll the helicopter from side to side.

Hope that helps!. (also, even easier if you use a joystick, much more natural but keep Q and Z assigned to buttons, best to have them variable).

User Info: slyfox74

8 years ago#8
as plain as i can say it:

helicopter controls = accelerate = heli goes straight up

decelerate = heli goes straight down

nose down while accel = forward or up/down and forward depending how much accel you give it (will need more power the farther your nose points down to stay at altitude) all you need is a little bit of nose down.

nose up while accel = backwards or up/down and backwards depending how much accel you give it (will need more power the farther your nose points up to stay at altitude) i dont recommend doing this motion, you will go out of control unless youve had practice. you pitch/nose up when you want to slow down from forward motion to land. dont forget to let off some of the gas or else you'll climb rapidly.

*yaw = think of you helicopter dead level in the air (not moving at all). your nose is pointing north. without changing any nose or bank angle (still dead level) you turn your nose to face east. this turning of the nose only is yaw motion. yaw left = nose only will move left in straight and level flight or hover.

yaw right = same only to the right. bank right/left = think of this as a leaning to one either the right or left. use a combination of yaw and bank while having a slight nose down attitude to turn while moving forward. my biggest piece of advise is to SLOW DOWN. set up a mission when your flying one of the fat heli's, not a cobra or other attack heli. and down do the training because that has you shooting at targets and you might not be ready for all that. set up a mission where theres no conflict and just practice flying around, and take it super slow at first and gradually get faster. best of luck! :D

User Info: slyfox74

8 years ago#9
and auto-hover is a kind of in-game auto pilot that sets the heli in a "stand still" up in the air. you and still contol it slightly, but it's limited movement until you take it off auto-hover.

User Info: thinkery

8 years ago#10
If the flying is like it is in Arma 1, its hella hard.
I have NO problems whatsoever in games like GTA or BF2 to fly anything, but in Arma 1 its hard as hell.

Trying getting out of a forward movement is a B****, you can turn all you want, your still going THAT way, you need to bank and nose down to get out of it, its hard as hell.
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