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User Info: Samson1982a

6 years ago#1
Hey guys, I've doing a lot of research of late and am looking to join an ArmA 2 team who organized proper missions and games. After days on end of Googling I've come to the conclusion that the ArmA scene seems to have tons of small clans which don't do much of anything and only a few larger ones. I'm very intrigued by the larger community's like Operation Reality, Shacknews, Tactical Gaming etc. but I fear they might be too exclusive or require too much military background for a civilian like myself to join. I think Operation Reality allows civilians in and trains them up but I'm not 100% sure as it seems to be a fairly private community and you have to be a member to get access to any of their resources. Does anyone have any online experience with one of these larger community's like Operation Reality etc.? Is it really that hard to become a member there?

User Info: isnot-important

6 years ago#2

As far as i know very few require you to be ex-military (they tend to play VBS rather than Arma) and most will allow just about anyone to join provided they are serious about it and can participate in the weekly/monthly events. Of course some are located in specific countries, so it may be best to find one close to home.

Should also point out that some will request donations to keep the servers running, but they'd mention that in the FAQs i'm sure.

Shacktac -

Guerillas of Liberation -

Charlie Foxtrot -

Kellys Heroes -

7th Cav -

Volunteer Commando Battalion -

Task Force 86 -

15th MEU -

The majority of these only require you to be over 16, have a mic, and be available once or twice a month. So it's deffinately not that hard to get in if you're actually interested.

Op Reality however does seem to be very selective - Last i heard they were only accepting people who knew someone already "enlisted" but have a look at the site and see what you can find

Here's a list of all the squads advertising over at BI forums, they describe what they want from recruits and usually have a vid showing how they play.

Or to make things easier you could just make a post in this thread:

Just tell them what you're looking for and i'm sure you'll get a response soon enough.

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