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User Info: nyc863

5 years ago#1
$29.99 is a lot to drop on a bundle you only intend to use for a mod.

my experience was this:

the (steam) install was ok but after a few goes on super laggy servers (mainly failing to connect or connecting only partially) I now find my character is stuck overlooking a town, and no matter what server I join, all I get is the view from that position, and the voice channel. Can't issue any commands. Can't reset or re-spawn by myself.

All told I spent maybe 6 hours and $30 screwing around for DayZ, and got maybe 60 minutes of game time disjointed into three third-rate experiences. (third rate clunky controls, third rate character animations, third rate lag, third rate visuals).

At this point, given my character is stuck and I've have to register at the day z forums to post a plea to get it reset, I've given up.

what a waste of time.

User Info: moosebox

5 years ago#2
I am hoping one day to play DayZ, but I will not buy Arma 2 until it goes onsale again for less than $10. I doubt I'll play the original game much, so to spend $30 on a mod in alpha doesn't make much sense.

Arma 3 looks like the better bet at this time, at least I'll get a game with current gen graphics/animations/interface that I would play... and maybe even with a chance of DayZ being ported over.

User Info: gwizzler

5 years ago#3
I've had the problem where I can't move my character, but joining another server always fixes the problem. I have a few questions that may seem dumb but they could help me understand what's going on.

1. Did you go into the Operation Arrowhead launch properties in Steam and put -mod=@DayZ in the box?
2. Are you running your game using the Combined Operations CMD or the Operation Arrowhead EXE?
3. Are you making sure you only join servers that are running the version of the mod you have downloaded?
4. Did you download the newest ArmA II beta patch?
5. Did you download any other mods?
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User Info: gwizzler

5 years ago#4
Also, I bought the game strictly for the mod, and I haven't been disappointed. It's only an Alpha and it's riddled with bugs and problems, sure, but the pros outweigh the cons by a lot. I think this mod is what people have been waiting for. An open world game with zombies where there are no rules, no cheap storylines to follow, no characters that you are forced to play as, etc. It's all about you and your decisions. The gameplay itself is also varied tremendously. You can head right into the big coastal cities from your spawn and expect very intense, nervous gameplay. Alternatively, you can bypass those coastal cities and travel through the open countryside and dense forests to loot smaller cities with less zombies/player activity for a more relaxed experience. As mentioned, this is only a mod and it's only in Alpha. It'll only get better as time goes on.
"If the animals can find the strength, why can't we?" - Casey Foster

User Info: nyc863

5 years ago#5
The first two pages of the dayz mod forum are FULL of people with similar or other problems, a lot of frustration.

Maybe I just picked a bad time. Maybe a bad time is 50% of the time, so ones odds are not good.

here is what I did
a) bought arma II bundle on steam
b) ran basic boot camp arma ii
c) ran day-z mod twice, after getting a successful connection (hard in itself). When I did get in, killing zombies and so on was pretty laggy and unsatisfying. The second time i hiked up a hill rested on a rock and disconnected.
d) ran arma ii arrowhead boot camp for a few missions, one of which hung
e) restarted arma ii, got a missing file message totally out of the blue
f) got steam to re-validate the game cache, re-unpacked the day z mod files.
g) attempted day z, yes, the correct way, to multiple different servers

each time I do get a day-z connection (and often it hangs at the end of "receiving files"), I end up on the same rock, with the same view.. I can't move or issue any commands at all, but there appears to be some kind of inner polygon shape in my vision moving around, as though another player was at the same location. But I can't view more than fragments of that body. No matter what I do, disconnect, abort, respawn, reconnect to a different server, I get the same result. Stuck on the rock looking down at the coastal buildings with the chat channel working and nothing else.

I've invested more time in attempting to have a good experience with day z than I've put into playing, and enjoying, about 10 different phone games combined. And I've spent three times as much dollars as well.

People wonder why casual mobile gaming is eating "big gaming" lunch, this is just one example. An 16 year old probably has more than enough time and patience to get through these problems. I'm old, I've got better things to do with my limited free time than pay to alpha test something.

And it isn't even absolutely the fault of the mod: Arma II seemed buggy as well. I had to step my awful gigabyte/realtek sound driver back to the dark ages, to get reliable sound. Then I tried to play bioshock2 - to get some kind of satisfaction - and got screwed by a malfunctioning games-for-windows-live authentication system.

The whole ecosystem is full of failure :(

Day z has clearly shown that for the right game a full scale real-time persistent realistic survival mmorpg has promise, and has a market. Shame the mod isn't ready, and is being hyped by the press when it should have been restricted to a small group of patient people.

User Info: Malkovich_

5 years ago#6
This whole thing is just weird. Im an Arma fan, been playing this series since OFP was released back in 2001. It's a hardcore simulator, that's what it's supposed to be, it's what it has always been. It's used by militaries around the world for training. It's the equivalent of a flight simulator for combat pilots, except this is used for infantry training.

However, this series can be heavily modded. So a group of modders try to turn it into a zombie game, people like it, that's cool, but then the modders and BIS try to use the mod to push more sales of Arma...

That's when things get out of hand. Now we have 'zombie' fans putting down money on a hardcore simulator that most likely they would never purchase, for an un-finished zombie mod, and then complaining when the 'mod' doesnt work right, and they cant figure out how to get software they've never used before to work right, and would not be using if it wasnt for the zombie mod. It's backwards game development. Attracting an audience for a game they were never meant for, for an un-finished mod.

Iron Front Liberation is an Arma mod-expansion done right, it's made for Arma players, and you buy it separately from Arma.

Im sure the development of Day Z will continue and bugs will be ironed out, but I cant believe non-Arma fans would actually buy this just to play that.

User Info: DaedalusEx

5 years ago#7
I'm sorry to hear about your experience, but I have to ask, were you aware DayZ was in alpha before purchase? And are you aware of what the alpha stage of development is?

It sounds like your expectations going in were unreasonably high.

I do encourage you to spend more time with ArmA, though. The animations and overall presentation leave something to be desired, but the scope of the game and experience it can deliver is simply unmatched.

User Info: Malkovich_

5 years ago#8
^That's the problem though, these guys dont care about Arma, they're only getting it for Day Z, once they stop playing Day Z they stop playing 'Arma'. They dont care about realistic infantry tactics or virtual military training, they've been duped into thinking this is some awesome Zombie game...

User Info: Treason686

5 years ago#9
Malkovich_ posted...
^That's the problem though, these guys dont care about Arma, they're only getting it for Day Z, once they stop playing Day Z they stop playing 'Arma'. They dont care about realistic infantry tactics or virtual military training, they've been duped into thinking this is some awesome Zombie game...

Well, it is pretty awesome. I already owned Arma 2, and never really played it. I saw Day Z, and decided to pick up OA, and it is very addicting and fun.

I'm anxious to see where the mod goes from here. It's really a gold mine. They've got something special and unique here.

I had a few issues getting it working as well, but it was worth the hour or two I spent. I can't say I've had any issues getting stuck when spawning, though.

Also, who cares if people get Arma just to play Day Z? I bought Half-Life just to play Counter-Strike. I bought Quake 2 to play Action Quake. You act like this affects you negatively in some way. It's not a "problem."
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User Info: gwizzler

5 years ago#10
Alright, do these two things and you shouldn't have any problems at all. Getting into a server at peak hours might still be a problem because they are overloaded, but all other issues should be fixed.

Download and install this. Make sure you choose "" in the green box at the top of the screen.

Download and install this. It'll run for about 5 minutes the first time you open it and extract things into the DayZ folder. After extracting, it'll load up automatically with the beta patch running.

Do that and let me know if you are still having problems. Also, if you get a message that says blah blah blah.bin/config is missing or something, ignore it. It's normal and is just part of the Alpha experience.
"If the animals can find the strength, why can't we?" - Casey Foster
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