The correct way to do QTE's...

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User Info: Link484

7 years ago#1
This game is full of these quick time events, and i like one element of it: Mostly when the action is about a single fast action you have to line up the circles, and when you have to hold something, or have to use your strength in a continuous manner, you have to mash the button. Mostly. Sadly, not always.

But I don't like how the button presses are completely random. It doesn't really feel like you are controlling the character, it's like some kind of minigame.

In Prince of Persia '08 each of the 4 front buttons corresponded to some element: A was your legs, X and B were your two hands and Y was your partner.

And the QTE's in that game were done according to that. It was clever, and really well done. In Lords of Shadow... not so much.

It's not like the QTE's ruin this game, but I prefer the feeling of actually controlling a character rather than just doing a reflex test at parts of a cutscene.
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User Info: Evan_Arrrr

7 years ago#2
You don't have to line up the circles... you just have to wait for the moving circle to be inside the stationary circle.
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User Info: welder7

7 years ago#3
QTEs are a good idea but they are implemented poorly in this game, IMO. I'd like to see some more variety and challenge with QTEs in the sequel.

User Info: kodama42

7 years ago#4
I don't like QTE and I think this game did it right.
They are not annoying, and they are enough to be entertaining.
They chose the middle ground, and they did a good job.

User Info: LuckNotDoWithIt

7 years ago#5
They are awfully annoying in boss fights when you think that its finally over, only its not over because a random QTE has been shot in there at the end. _^^

Places where they work are Titan fights, QTE's become epic there. Also optional quests that Belmont goes on, QTE's would be perfect there including inside cut scenes.

QTE's would also work on puzzles and certain normal enemies. The QTE challenges at the end of nearly every boss fight however need to be ripped out and have a stake driven through them.

Frustrating is not the idea to have fun, Ninja Gaiden has the right idea. Just make the bosses very challenging, but don't throw in a random QTE in the very end to just make it even MORE artificially difficult. And the circles need to be tossed out. QTE should be more like Prince of Persia where you choose the direction.

User Info: kodama42

7 years ago#6
Isn't there a ridiculous cheap trick at the end of NG2, when you think you killed the boss you die ?

User Info: Alwc37

7 years ago#7
Isn't there a ridiculous cheap trick at the end of NG2, when you think you killed the boss you die ?

There was one about halfway in where if you didn't block after you killed him you would die.....I had to beat that one about 10 times before I figured it out, felt very damn stupid after that.

User Info: SoSo_X

7 years ago#8
I don't agree this game is a great example of how to do QTE's correctly. Look at Ninja Blade or Dante's Inferno; If you press the wrong button you die and have to reload to the last checkpoint which just is the same damn sequence for the QTE.

This game I don't feel as punished for doing it wrong. Sometimes death can happen but not as often as other games I've played in this genre and tend to be due to low health.

QTE's in this game are great and different enough to make them enjoyable from other games. Specially the white circle mini-game interaction QFEs.

When trying to change something that I have been feeling latly that is way over used and I'm very boerd with. Konami made it intresting again.

Which now brings me to ask which games have you liked QFE's in?
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