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User Info: guystarwind

8 years ago#11
I want a sequel to Judgment too. I do like MGS games so I hope Kojima will do a good job. However, Castlevania is Iga's thing and plus I want to finish his time line. Someone said this could be like RE Outbreak I hadn't thought of that. If they keep Iga's time line I'd be fine with that.
I can't wait for Golden Sun DS!
MGS/Zelda<Golden Sun<Fire Emblem<Castlevania<Chrono Trigger

User Info: Andyliini

8 years ago#12
I, too, want a Judgment sequel. We should start a petition or something, and send it over to Konami. Not that it helps at all, but still...

And as far as I know, Kojima won't write, direct or produce Lords of Shadow. The game is produced by Konami-Europe employee Dave Cox. I heard that Kojima is only involved by letting MercurySteam use technology of KojPro, and assisting in using those. Not a fact that. Only fact is that Dave Cox in in charge of this game.

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