All i can say is..AWSOMESAUCE!

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User Info: ajmurassa

8 years ago#1
What a bunch of pathetic fools you all are. Whining on about it being another game, or being a god of war.


As a man who who snuck down from his room every night as a child to play just a "little more" Simon's quest, i have always been a fan.

And there have been some CRAP titles in this series. Correction, there have been a few GEMS, in this crap collection.

Whenever they try something new, i always await it, understanding its a coin flip each time. But i remember friends hearing about a non belmont game before Symphony hit, an calling it a non-CV game.

As far as im concerned, this re-imagining looks amazing, we have no idea how it will play or how it will feel. I do know, the series did need new blood behind it. And a thought process that understood the westren lineage of the plot. Not a futuristic japanese setting.

Carlyles voice alone adds such a gratifying chill to the game, an the graphics look excellent!

An we do not know the plot, or the details. You do not know the name Belmont isnt hidden somewhere, or dracula.

Personally its pretty obvious to me Gabriel becomes Dracula by pursuing the Mask of Shadows, which is claimed to be able to bring the dead back, in an effort to reclaim his wife. I'm sure he will become the new Lord of Shadows, alas Dracula. Given that Gabriel as a name has a dark overture to it, an the theme of the voiceovers. I say this is very predictable.

It's to bad none of you are actual Castlevania Fans. Perhaps you should stop posting on gamefaqs, an go play whatever it is that made you such an over confident fanboy, who has been so dissapointed with there lives they cant trust in any inovation lol.

User Info: e105beta

8 years ago#2
This was a good post corrupted by immature accusations at the end
When there are no doubts left -- Things become clear.
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User Info: ornclown

8 years ago#3
"This was a good post corrupted by immature accusations at the end"

My thoughts exactly.....
Unless you master Hao-ken, you can never beat me.

User Info: 1_snoopy_1

8 years ago#4
see if you had taken that last sentence out it would all made sense .....

User Info: ajmurassa

8 years ago#5
Fair enough, if i can lay out the critisim, i should take it as well. The last part displayed immaturity an temper.

Yet, i am still excited as hell for this game

User Info: jeryzkid12

8 years ago#6
I'm so excited that Captain Picard is in the game.

User Info: The_Darkwalker

8 years ago#7
Actually I am thinking that the Lords of Shadow plan on using the mask to resurrect Dracula but Gabriel will challenge their legions to get it from them so he can use it on his dead lover. Maybe if the mask is used at all it will bring Dracula back but in the end Gabriel does it anyway just for a chance to see her again. We'll see?
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User Info: crsar

8 years ago#8
Man i dare not make assumptions regarding storyline when i know Kojima is involved, but here is my share of what i think/hope (or something) about the story:

Gabriel just might as well be a Belmont, but Belmont's name has been trashed before already, they have been considered evil beings and even witches in the past, so maybe the name was "hidden" after after such events took form again, so Gabriel might not even know he has Belmont blood.

The Lords of Shadow (maybe even Shaft was part of this creed) are trying to bring back Dracula with this dark artifact in the shape of a mask and fate brings Gabriel to fight these evil, but Gabriel has this selfish purpose in mind, making him a candidate to take the role of Dracula as he would also aim to resurrect Lisa, therefore taking our Left hand of God's desire to pursue his own.

hell i dunno what i'm talking about....all i know is that Castlevania is great and with Kojima involved it will be so awesome that i can hardly believe it's happening in this era. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!!!!
All Nightmare Long

User Info: 1_snoopy_1

8 years ago#9
i just hope it doesnt turn into a movie (ala MSG)

User Info: ajmurassa

8 years ago#10
I dunno, MGS was a movie...but it always Has been since ps2 days. An actually i enjoy that, i like getting a mini movie in between my adventures, makes it more complete for me.

So i would love for this game to be HEAVY plot.
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  3. All i can say is..AWSOMESAUCE!

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