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User Info: RichardWayne

8 years ago#1
First off.. who cares if it is a God of War ripoff? Saint's Row was a Grand Theft Auto ripoff, and personally? I like SR a lot better than GTA.

Let's just focus on the fact that our antagonist doesn't look like some sissy, cinderella boy. Thankfully, he looks like a "man's man" again. Second.. reborn in 2010? Personally.. I don't care if the Belmonts are never mentioned.. I don't care if Dracula is never mentioned. I'm not so insecure that I "need" to have those staples of Castlevania lore to please me.. and I'm almost 30 - I've loved this series since the coin-up Haunted Castle in that Walmart store I played at when I was a kid. (Before the Super Centers).

My idea is that.. this wolf.. demonic dog.. whatever that killed marie isn't a vital piece of the story. I like to believe that this man finds a mask.. and uses it to resurrect his dead wife. With a price.. she returns "undead" as a vampire. Confronted with the fact that he has brought evil to the world, and struggling to cope knowing it is his love.. it makes for an interesting dynamic and is certainly dramatic. This could launch a new series with what happens in Lord of Shadows to be the catalyst..

I'm just glad to see something better than the rehash garbage they've been sprewing for the past 10 years. Seriously.. you wanna collect "cards" and play with monsters? Go play Pokemon.. and leave Castlevania to us grownups.

User Info: EverDownward

8 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: EverDownward

8 years ago#3
I agree with a lot of what you said. I too hold Saints Row in high regards.

However, I would like to see SOME mention of the Belmonts or Dracula. Admitted, they're not gamebreaking if they are not in the game, but, they're major, major players and having them completely removed would be like removing a liver or a lung from your body.

Granted, I'm also glad in seeing an antagonist that actually LOOKS like a bad guy. Enough of the silky smooth, soft-spoken effeminate enemy, I want a guy who is going to be actually "threatning" (even though, I really don't have a problem with characters like delicate and sensitive bad guys WHEN USED WELL, but. it's time for a bit of a mix up).

All I gotta say is, it's gonna be a looooooooong wait for 2010 to come around.
"Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light." -Paradise Lost, Book II (John Milton)

User Info: RichardWayne

8 years ago#4
I hear ya Ever.. and there is a part of me that wants that Belmont/Dracula tie in too... but

Reborn? To be totally renewed with a new history.. new characters.. antagonists..

That is just as tempting..

I don't apologize being bitter over the "Metroidvania's." They have bled that stone long enough and given us garbage year after year. I'm a Castlevania Fanboy.. so as much as I despised them I still PLAYED them.. as horrible as I thought they were.

This is refreshing though.. can't stop watching that trailer.

User Info: 1_snoopy_1

8 years ago#5
100% agree with you TC ... except that i think the mask will turn our mans man into dracula.

Reborn 2010

User Info: fathedred

8 years ago#6
1. I think Gabriel is a Belmont.
2. If the game takes place between 1095 and 1475, there is no Dracula, only Mathias Cronquist. - the original glitching website!! join our forum today!!

User Info: Aricurrito

8 years ago#7
2. If the game takes place between 1095 and 1475, there is no Dracula, only Mathias Cronquist.

If this is a reboot, I'm willing to bet there is no Mathias Cronquist.

User Info: crsar

8 years ago#8
i love dracula and belmont, but i have to say that the mathias thing was not the best thing to have in, i mean that story takes out all that Dracula meant (from Stoker's novel and history "facts") which brought Castlevania to birth in the first place. therefore if it's gonna be a pre-historical Dracula setting i would definitely prefer a fresh start rather than to continue the Mathias thing.

So a new beginning is quite appealing and everything that we have seen and known so far about the game seems awesome as it is, so let's all hold our breath until 2010.

All Nightmare Long

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