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User Info: RichardWayne

8 years ago#1
"Iga IS Castlevania, and has been for quite some time. Even if the 3D ones haven't been particularly good. This is just a game by a different developer that had the Castlevania name slapped on with no involvement by Iga. How does that work? It doesn't. "

Why don't you wait and see there, buddy? Iga is NOT Castlevania. You seem a little bitter.. is it because this game looks and plays NOTHING like Iga's 'vania's? Hmmm.. It really sucks when someone comes along and takes something you love and totally warps and trashes it, doesn't it?

I remember when I was just a teen, and I loved Castlevania. So jerk came along and began to trash it.. ended up rehashing the same garbage handheld after handheld.. but more and more it began to look like some bad japanime cartoon on Saturday morning with a ridiculously stupid card collection system..

It sucked.

Well.. now it is starting to resemble what "I" like again. And Thank God.

I had to deal with crappy Castlevania's for a few years, so if you think this is crap - you live with it. It's your turn to think Castlevania sucks..

User Info: 1_snoopy_1

8 years ago#2
okay ......

User Info: semianonymous

8 years ago#3

awesome, quality thread. Maybe I'll start making threads calling out what people said that disagrees with my viewpoints as well.

Hell, why dont we all do that? Seems fantastic! Community bonding and stuff.

User Info: druswid

8 years ago#4
I think the person who started a whole thread based on my comments is the bitter one... that's something I've never done, even if I am opinionated and vociferous. For the record, I liked all the classic Castlevanias with the exception of Simon's Quest. No problems there. I've liked all of the Symphony styled games, though I think Harmony of Dissonance and Dawn of Sorrow are the weakest ones. I'm not particularly a fan of the N64 ones, finished and generally liked LoI, but was bored by CoD. So... are you saying you like 3D games more than 2D ones? I personally don't like the way this one looks. The 3D ones that have been released, have, in my opinion, been weaker than ANY of the 2D ones, and since it's outsourced to a different developer, I'm even more skeptical on its being quality. Sure, it'll look great, but that doesn't mean that it won't be a cookie cutter 3D action game. Plenty of those. 2D is actually not widely used these days... unless you consider the DS. So go ahead and rail at me if it makes you feel better. Get it all out of your system. I actually hadn't read this board in a few days... got my own fan club.
When man invented fire, he didnít say, 'hey, letís cook', he said, 'great, now we can see naked bottoms in the dark.' - Steve, from 'Coupling'
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