This game will be awful.

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User Info: g6260

8 years ago#1
I can't blame Konami for taking Castlevania out of the hands of IGA, since he has failed at every attempt to successfully translate the series to 3D thus far, but then they went and handed it to an awful developer, and tacked Kojima's name onto it to help it escape the stigma of 3D Castlevania.

Based on Mercury Steam's track record, and the fact that Kojima has more important projects to focus on (MGS PW, MGR), and that he'll be half-way across the world, i'm expecting this game to be another disappointment.

User Info: Cappuccin0

8 years ago#2
I doubt Kojima would let his good name be soiled by a bad product. And considering the production values we've seen in the trailer (voice talent, huge scale battles) I doubt Konami would, as well. I doubt it'll be a bad game, but that's me... in the end I guess we'll just have to wait n see.

User Info: Alucard35643

8 years ago#3
This game will be bad?! Wow, you really haent played a good game yet. Castlevania is a damn good game series. and Like Cappuccino said, Kojima wouldnt soil the good name like that. I have never heard a game by Kojima be considered "bad".
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User Info: Icemael

8 years ago#4

I have played two Kojima games, and a demo of a third. I would consider all of them "bad". Also, Kojima isn't deeply involved in this game. From what I've understood, all he does is give them advice - MercurySteam are the ones who make all the big decisions.

User Info: semianonymous

8 years ago#5

Kojima, by his own admittance, is playing a support role. He suggests and gives feed back. Each and every major decision is made at the hands of MercurySteam themselves, Kojima might suggest a few things here and there, but other than that, nothing.

User Info: Guy_723

8 years ago#6
Even if he's only in a "support" role, his name is tacked on this game. Which either way he is still going to make sure that this game does not kill his name. Because if this game bombs and goes under, it's gonna seriously damage his reputation.
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User Info: semianonymous

8 years ago#7

If the game bombs, then he can easily peg the damage on MercurySteam. Of course, the chances of the game bombing simply because his name is on it is miniscule, but in this case, he has a fallback anyways.

User Info: Glaekan

8 years ago#8
TC, get a life and stop trolling the message boards. Other than a teaser trailer, we know NOTHING about this game. To claim it as awful at this stage would be like someone trying to say that a movie is going to be awful based on a movie poster.

User Info: e105beta

8 years ago#9
The fact that plenty of people still call this "Kojimavania" means if this game does poorly, Kojima will feel the repercussions.
I mean, what's he supposed to do? I can see the interview now:
Reporter: "So, Lords of Shadow didn't do very well despite it's initial reaction. Would you happen to have any idea why this happened?"

Response 1:
"It's all Mercury Steam's fault. I kept giving them advice but they spat it in my face"

Response 2:
"Gamers are fools"
When there are no doubts left -- Things become clear.
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User Info: Chaaxis

8 years ago#10
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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