Help with Necromancer's Abyss' second puzzle?

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  3. Help with Necromancer's Abyss' second puzzle?

User Info: MajinKaioshin

6 years ago#1
Can't figure this out.

User Info: aea_fluff

6 years ago#2
Is that the one with all the floor panels?

You'll notice there is a glyph that shows this weird symbol. In actuality what that shows is a path. You'll notice that there are little sections that divides the glyph. You need to match the path of the glyph starting from its bottom most point and going up by hitting the different floor panels that surround the center floor panel: The value of the panels is as follows:

The panels closest to the center panel equal DOWN
The panels second closest equal LEFT (Or right can't remember)
The next closest equal RIGHT (Or left)
The furthest equals UP

So you start by hitting two of the UP panels (fist smash two different of the UP panels), then one of the RIGHT panels... If you do it right you'll notice that you get to arrows pointing up that pop up on screen. All you need to do is continue to reproduce the path on the glyph by hitting the panel for the direction you require. Once you hit all the different panels that make up the path, hit the center panel. You'll see a little video of this light that mimics all your inputs. If your inputs match the glyph's inputs the light should reach the top, and you have solved the puzzle.

Hope this helps.
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  3. Help with Necromancer's Abyss' second puzzle?

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