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In the original Castlevania story, is Gabriel... -spoilers-

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User Info: jack00

7 years ago#1

In the original Castlevania story, is Gabriel Belmont Dracula ?

And in this storyline, how did he became Dracula, did i missed something or they just didn't explain and probably will be explained in DLC or the sequel ?

Was it a punishment from god for killing his wife and the telepatic girl ? Seems like a harsh punishment after saving the world and everything...

User Info: VanishingSkill

7 years ago#2
This story is part of a new lore continuity, so besides being heavily thematically related, and featuring similar characters, it has nothing in common story wise with the old castlevania games.

In this story, Gabriel does become dracula, but the exact means by which this happens is unknown. People theorized that he has ascended, and Dracula is his shadow, people have said that the powers from the first two lords of shadow have corrupted him over time, people have said that God has granted him immortality against his wishes, leading to eventual corruption.

DLC has been announced. Though whether or nor it will solve this question is unknown.
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User Info: KibutoLee

7 years ago#3
I heard the dlc involves Laura so maybe she bites him or she does something to him.
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User Info: TheSmartBlonde

7 years ago#4
*Lament of Innocence Spoilers*

Probably not going to spell the last name right but Gabriel is rumored to be the bastard child of the Cronqvist(sp?) family.

Mathias was part of this family in Lament of Innocence. We know Mathias becomes Dracula. What makes me sad is they never released a direct sequel with Leon going after Mathias aka Dracula. If not a 3D game, then a 2D Metroidvania. :(

User Info: PrincessAlthena

7 years ago#5
I like that they explain the origins of Dracula in Lament. That's why I don't get why they threw Dracula into the end of LoS. It made no sense to me.

And Blonde, I agree! That would have been awesome. :D

User Info: Sin_Harvester

7 years ago#6
Yeah, this Castlevania actually feature no real Belmont . Gabriel here is just taking the name of Belmont himself and there is a chance he might be a scion of Croqvist family.

This Castelvania shows a new concept. Rather than Belmont vs Dracula, they make the story like "Dracula vs Satan". I like this. Dracula toppled the prince of darkness himself and become a new prince of darkness. He earned the title "Lord of Darkness" fair and square this time, not like self-proclaimed in other games.

I have always wonder when Dracula said he is the incarnation of evil in other Castlevania games; "Really? Then what the hell other the powerful demons, like Lucifer,are doing ?". Now this game explained it. Dracula beats the crap outta Lucy and he become the incarnation of evil fair and square. He even befriended with the Death himself. Nice?

User Info: jack00

7 years ago#7
First of all, Dracula didn't beat Satan, Belmont did, he wasn't Dracula at the time. And second, he beat him with the power of God, otherwise he would of got his ass kicked in 2 seconds.

And for the record, i know this is a new storyline/concept, hence the very first sentence of my post where i asked if in the original storyline if Belmont was also Dracula...

User Info: Equality_72521

7 years ago#8
There is no Gabriel Belmont in the original story. Hence, REBOOT.

User Info: nightblade_hawk

7 years ago#9
Lets see - this Game starts a new Canon where Gabriel "Belmont" became Dracula - theres no Belmont Clan in this Timeline and I also think you will play as Dracula himself in the next Game.

User Info: ghosyt

7 years ago#10
If Gabriel took the name Belmont, the part that confuses me is why when fighting satan does he say he'll wipe the name Belmont from history?

Or maybe answering my own question, after he was beaten Gabriel shed the fake name himself.
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