Did they fix the framerate?

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  3. Did they fix the framerate?

User Info: ElricVanClaus

5 years ago#1
I remember the game being near unplayable once I got to Disc 2. It kept freezing after every single kill for a few seconds. Did they ever fix that? I want to replay the game, but the thought that this is still a problem kind of turns me off (since I need to buy it again)

Also, did they fix the way replaying works? I remember that at the end of every level the cursor goes all the way back to the end, and that was unbearably infuriating.

User Info: u_jus_dun_know

5 years ago#2
I'm not sure what framerate problem you had. I never had that. I never had issues with this game. That was probably your TV or a bad graphics card on your Xbox.

That cursor still goes to the end and it's still annoying.

User Info: LordoftheCastle

5 years ago#3
Pretty sure it was one of the first problems fixed.

The whole affair was worth it just because Cox made a total ass of himself.
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  3. Did they fix the framerate?

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