THis game is awesome !

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User Info: En Sabah Nur

En Sabah Nur
5 years ago#11
The combat isn't Ninja Gaiden, but it works just fine and I don't see where the complaints are coming from.

LOL at anyone who expects reliable hit stun on big enemies in an action game. I don't think any game includes that. Small enemies always amount to focusing them down and picking them off quickly, and large enemies always amount to lots of dodging and chipping. This is how action games have worked...forever.

I was one of the people who was very skeptical about this game originally, and had no plans to buy it, but I was intrigued from playing the demo before it released and decided it was worth giving a shot.

In terms of atmosphere and variety of enemies, this game is amazing. The music is very good also, it just doesn't feel like Castlevania music. However, I've been playing Castlevania since the original on NES, and I always felt the series was overrated in ways. I really liked Dracula's Curse, Super Castlevania, and SotN, but the rest of the series didn't blow me away.

If you want to compare 3D Castlevania games as we should, this absolutely obliterates Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness. It's just so much better than those games, and it's understandable why the game feels so much like God of War based on that series' success. My one big gripe with the game is the platforming. I have easily died more from falling to my death than from enemies.

I would agree that they should've abandoned the idea to copy the SotC boss fights in two places, but otherwise I can really appreciate the variety in bosses and the locales. I don't feel the game is perfect by any means, but it's a disservice to say so many baseless, negative things about it. Is it the "rebooted" story that people have a big issue with?
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User Info: Evil_the_Nub

5 years ago#12
The lack of any hit stun makes doing any advanced combos or special moves impossible, that's bad design. I can understand the big enemies like the trolls not getting hit stunned, but the enemies that are human sized should, like the skeletons and vampires. Unfortunately the only ones who are are so easy to kill you don't need to do anything but mash the X button. Action games are supposed to make you feel like a badass, and this game makes me feel like a weakling who has to fight dirty.

The reboot thing sucks too. It's only the first game and they already screwed the whole thing up.


Making Gabriel Dracula then skipping ahead to the present just threw away any potential this reboot could of had. He's not even a bad guy, he's just been sitting in his castle and brooding for the last 1000 years or so. So right there they already lost the whole Belmost vs. Dracula conflict.
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User Info: WiiareVenom

5 years ago#13
They may not go directly to the present, the next game will likely go in the middle next.

And don't most bad guys start out good anyway?
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User Info: LordoftheCastle

5 years ago#14
And don't most bad guys start out good anyway?

Not really.
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User Info: Evil_the_Nub

5 years ago#15

After he beat Satan he seemed to be at peace with himself and god, so I doubt he's do a 180 after that. Then when Zobek finds him there were no monsters in the castle and he said Gabriel had been hiding the whole time. So nothing happened in the middle. As it is we've got a Dracula who hasn't done anything and it skipped ahead to the present. Castlevania this is not.
There are few problems in life that can't be solved by a hug-happy amnesiac pillbug.

User Info: urmie

5 years ago#16
With the next game, they will probably implement some of new powers from Laura.
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