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User Info: _Viper_85

5 years ago#1
Ok it's highly unlikely that anyone will answer this but I can't find an answer to my question anywhere. I've tried google searching but the only things coming up are walkthroughs and cheats and I don't want either.

All I'd like to know is why on the map screen some of the weapon upgrade icons are lit up and some not?

I'm not very far into the game yet, just got the dark gauntlet, so please don't spoil anything but I go back through the levels to collect gems and such and I've just noticed that on Chapter 2 level 3 (Labyrinth Entrance) the little "fairy wing" weapon upgrade icon is now lit up and colourful when before it was dulled out and grey?

Any idea what this means? I thought maybe it meant that the item was now gettable with your current arsenal but I still can't reach it so I don't think it's that.

Once again, please don't ruin anything for me. I'm not after cheats or walkthroughs or anything, I'd just like to know what it means when the icons are lit up.

Thanks a bunch,

User Info: Gunsm1th

5 years ago#2
When the icon is lit up like that, that means that you already opened the Brotherhood Ark in that stage.
Obviously the devs didn't want anyone else to know what the Upgrade item is in that stage until after it's opened up so they're grayed out before then.
That's all it means.

User Info: Hotel_Security

5 years ago#3
^He’s partially right but it has nothing to do with whether you opened the Ark. It has to do with getting the subweapon

For example, they have fairy upgrades to be found in the levels before you actually get the fairy upgrade. They grey them out before you get the upgrade (so as to not spoil that you eventually get fairies)…but once you get the fairies, they don’t care about spoiling it, so they light it up. If it’s greyed out, it’s an upgrade for a subweapon you haven’t gotten yet (which means you obviously can’t get it).
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