Titan Graveyard; help *spoilers*

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User Info: shatteredsphere

6 years ago#1
So I just got to this place, but there is one issue that I am having that is preventing me from progressing. I find myself on this rock that appears to be a skull of some sorts, on the side there are two key holes, thus I need to find two keys. I keep looking around for new areas to go but I keep finding myself only able to go on the small isle's in order to jump to the other big two...

So it's like this...

Big island on the left - two key holes

3 small islands

Big island on the right - a corpse with a scroll and some sub weapon refills.

I've been jumping all over the place and attempting to find new points, but alas I cannot. Any ideas? (:

User Info: hockeyhockey

6 years ago#2
Lol i was stuck here to.

Go back to the last checkpoint. You should be on the middle island. To the right is another rock. ( if you go the right again there is a dead body you can loot.) If you go up you come to a cave. Turn right and you should find the room your missing.

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  3. Titan Graveyard; help *spoilers*

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